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Cardboard inserts often provide the most cost effective, shock absorbing and environmentally friendly solution
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Packaging Design Icons: The Egg Box

Packaging Design Icons: The Egg Box

When a local hotelier shared his frustration about eggs, his Canadian neighbour made it his mission to solve the problem. The issue was that when eggs were delivered by the farmer, they were often broken in transit and no good to anyone. This was back in the early 1900s and by 1918 Joseph Coyle had patented the first egg box.

During the 1930s, Coyle concept was developed by H G Bennett in Britain to form the familiar moulded paper pulp egg box that we use today. Despite considerable advances in packaging design and materials, this iconic egg box has remained largely unchanged in 80 years. This proves that a simple, low cost, paper-based packaging design solved the problem effectively.

Benefits of Egg Box Packaging

With each egg with its own space, the paper pulp provided cushioning and absorbed the shock and vibration experienced during transportation. This ensured that the vast majority of eggs arrived undamaged, keeping hoteliers, guests, farmers and shoppers happy.

In addition to providing protection, the egg box is stackable. This is a practical feature in any packaging design, as it supports efficient transportation, shelf display and storage.

The use of paper pulp made the egg box environmentally friendly long before sustainable packaging had been heard of. The use and reuse of recycled paper pulp makes the egg box cheap to produce, as well as sustainable.

Multi Compartment Packaging

It’s not just eggs that benefit from being packed in their own space. Any fragile item is better protected when separated and held in place. What’s more, cardboard inserts often provide the most cost effective, shock absorbing and environmentally friendly solution.

Aylesbury Box Company provide custom made cardboard inserts for a range of products, including electronic components, glass items and scented products. Cardboard inserts are also used for luxury goods and gift items. They ensure that when customers open a box, the goods are in pristine condition and presented as intended; the ideal way to deliver a great first impression.

Cardboard inserts can be cut and printed to requirements. If your products would benefit from multi compartment packaging, contact us to discuss your ideas.

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