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Far from a dull beige box, corrugated cardboard can be easily formed into bespoke packaging solutions that support supply chain efficiency and appeal to customers.
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Packaging Design and the Supply Chain


Packaging Design and the Supply Chain

When considering packaging design, the focus is frequently placed on shelf appeal. Attractive packaging does impact on the perceived value and can ultimately boost sales. There is, however, another element to consider when it comes to packaging design; logistics.

Packaging design has a significant impact on supply chain management. By considering the entire process, it is possible to create packaging that aids logistics. We’re talking about the efficient flow of goods from the company to the customer.

When it comes to packaging design, supply chain efficiency is as important as marketing because it results in cost savings for the company. It also enhances customer satisfaction, which builds brand reputation, loyalty and therefore also contributes to driving up sales.

  • Protective Packaging – Packaging design has to ensure that the goods will be retained in top condition as they pass through dispatch and a variety of warehouses, delivery vans and store rooms.
  • Ease of Handling – Simple features can make it easier to handle goods throughout the supply chain.
  • Clear Communication with Printed Information – Printed information can provide handling care instructions. It can also communicate easy transition from packing box to shelf ready packaging, or information on the disposal of packaging materials.
  • Tracking Goods – Radio frequency tags and barcodes are widely used to support the tracking of goods through the supply chain. It is important that these can be easily applied to packaging materials.
  • Reduced Delivery Costs – It’s cheaper to send compact, lightweight packages and so the choice of materials can really impact on cost.
  • Sustainable Packaging – With the growing demand for sustainable packaging, the materials used can also alter how your brand is viewed by customers and stakeholders.

Why Corrugated Cardboard is the Ideal Packaging Solution

Corrugated cardboard boxes are robust, yet cushioning to protect goods in transit. It is straightforward to incorporate features that support ease of handling. One example is die-cut handles on the sides of cardboard boxes make it easier to lift and handle bulky or weighty packaging. What’s more, it’s simple to adhere tags to cardboard boxes or include barcodes as part of the print process for efficient supply chain tracking.

Corrugated cardboard boxes are lightweight, especially when designed specifically for the product, to ensure void fillers can be eliminated. In addition, corrugated cardboard is formed from at least 60% recycled fibres and at the end of use. it can be recycled and formed into new boxes. This makes it a highly sustainable packaging material.

Far from a dull beige box, corrugated cardboard can be easily formed into bespoke packaging solutions that support supply chain efficiency and appeal to customers. If you would like to discuss the design and manufacture of your cardboard packaging, contact Aylesbury Box Company.

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