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Every year, packaging design awards showcase innovative ideas, on-trend styles and creative brilliance. A look at the nominations and winners can inspire fresh thinking.
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Inspired by Packaging Design


Inspired by Packaging Design

Every year, packaging design awards showcase innovative ideas, on-trend styles and creative brilliance. A look at the nominations and winners can inspire fresh thinking when it comes to updating packaging design.

The HOW International Design Awards is one example. We’ve taken a look at some of the winners which feature in the packaging category. Whilst we admire the styling on bottle labels and cans, our focus is on the cardboard packaging designs.

Elegant Cardboard Packaging for 42 Dubonnet Make-Up

The strong, eloquent lines of the Art Deco movement have a timeless quality. In vogue nearly a century ago, they retain a modern sophistication. The 42 Dubonnet make up range has clearly been influenced by the elegance of art deco. In combining attractive colours with defined linear shapes, they have created aesthetic packaging design.

1872 Legacy of Love Exquisite Jewellery Boxes

A diamond ring is a luxury gift and it is important that the packaging design reflects this. The 1872 Legacy of Love box draws on historic detailing, but this is presented in an understated manner using embossing. This finishing technique adds texture, as well as visual elements to the packaging. It certainly looks like the sort of packaging design that you would want to keep.

Simple, yet Effective Packaging from Claudio Biscotti

Sometimes, simple ideas are the most effective. This straightforward die-cut box design has a clean, fresh appearance. The top of each box is identical, but branding and product information are offered by the colour, font and imagery that is printed onto the lower section.

Illustrative Packaging Design by Herbs, Teas and Fairytales

Herbal teas are elevated to another level with the storytelling look of this packaging. The printed images showcase the ingredients in a magical way. With such attention to detail, the humble tea bag transforms into a product which could be given as a gift.

Minimalist Design for Bias Cosmetics

In a recent blog, we offered tips on how to create minimalist design that works. This range from Bias cosmetics is a great example. The colour palette is limited to pink and grey and this is complemented by a contemporary font. The result is modern and feminine.

Fantastic Low-cost Packaging Solution from Seasoned with Love

Great packaging need not blow the budget. Seasoned with love produce spices in glass jars and these are packaged in cardboard tubes for added protection and shelf appeal. One standard cardboard tube can be used for the entire range, as the company applies printed stickers to differentiate the spices. It looks great and is a sustainable packaging solution.

Product Packaging

Aylesbury Box Company is on hand to assist with the design, manufacture and printing of cardboard packaging solutions and labels. With cardboard engineering expertise and knowledge of a full range of finishes, we create bespoke packaging design solutions to suit our customer’s budget.

If you have been inspired by any of the designs in this selection, give us a call on 01296 436888. We offer various print finishes, embossing and die-cutting, along with foils, lamination and high-gloss varnishes. We can manufacture boxes and cardboard tubes in sizes to fit your products, with printing inside and out. Or keep it simple with a cost-effective mono-print.

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