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The factors that influence packaging design are constantly shifting. At the halfway point of 2019, what trends have we seen as a box manufacturer?
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Back to the Future for Packaging Design


Back to the Future for Packaging Design

Whilst eye-catching, shelf-ready packaging remains a dominant requirement on any design brief, the factors that influence packaging design are constantly shifting. At the halfway point of 2019, what trends have we seen as a box manufacturer?

Bold Colour or Subtle Palette in Packaging Design

The popular colour palettes for 2019 sit at opposing ends of the spectrum; soft pastels and vibrant geometrics.

Natural pastel tones hint at respect for the environment and we have noticed that many brands have opted for shades that promote a calm response. Popular shades include mint green, truffle, rose gold and lilac, which are often enhanced by a touch of a deeper hue. There has certainly been a response to consumer interest in pure, honest and transparent brands. We have seen many companies stripping back the colour intensity and design in order to embrace a minimalist look.

In opposition to this simplicity is a desire for a bold, edgy look. Shutterstock has identified that 80’s inspiration has filtered into design, with a ‘more is more’ approach to colour, geometric shapes and layers of imagery. We have noted an interest in strong design, bright colours and flood printed packaging inserts that really make an impact.

Design for E-commerce Packaging

Whilst shelf-ready packaging remains a priority for many brands, there has been a growing awareness of the opportunity provided by bespoke, printed e-commerce delivery boxes.

Beyond providing a practical means of transporting goods, printed e-commerce delivery boxes can conjure up a sense of delight. They help to deliver a positive association with the brand and encourage shoppers to share images of the branded packaging, along with the goods inside. Taking it a step further are the influencers who are unboxing on YouTube.

No company can miss out on an easy means of boosting brand awareness, so producing packaging that is good enough to share on Instagram is impacting on design.

Interactive Packaging

From storytelling to smart technology, e-commerce also means that packaging has become a replacement for the in-store experience. In order to engage with buyers, brands are working to build on packaging personalisation. Off the back of packaging promotions, virtual communities are being built using methods including hashtags and photo sharing.

Environmental Concern and Sustainable Packaging

Plastic has its place, but any brand that isn’t proactively addressing packaging waste is going to lose customers. One of the latest debates surrounds what materials can genuinely be classed as bio-degradable. The Foodservice Packaging Association (FPA) is one of the organisations that are calling for greater clarity, so the issue of misleading claims can be removed.

As corrugated cardboard and carton board are produced from a high percentage of recycled fibres, they are sustainable packaging materials. What’s more, this is a fast process, as they can be easily recycled and reused within weeks. More trees are planted than felled in the European forests that supply paper mills and at the end of life, cardboard boxes and other paper-based packaging will bio-degrade.

Bespoke Packaging from your Local Box Manufacturer

No matter what influences your packaging, Aylesbury Box Company offers a comprehensive design, manufacture and print service. Our experienced team have the expertise and equipment to provide your company with bespoke packaging solutions. For further information, give us a call on 01296 436888.

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