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Over the past 12 months, Aylesbury Box Company has manufactured record volumes of e-commerce packaging. Can physical shops compete against the convenience of doorstep deliveries?
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Online Shopping or Physical Stores?


Online Shopping or Physical Stores?

Over the past 12 months, Aylesbury Box Company has manufactured record volumes of e-commerce packaging. With physical shops closed, retailers had to adapt and embrace online shopping. In diversifying, they establish websites, order fulfilment, packaging design and e-commerce policies at speed.

In the Prime Minister’s roadmap out of lockdown, the reopening of non-essential shops is planned for mid-April. After a year of buying online, will consumer habits be permanently altered? Can physical shops compete against the convenience of doorstep deliveries?

E-commerce Packages to the Door

There is no doubt that online shopping has been essential for many people since March 2020. For those at greatest risk, it has been safer to stay at home. Delivery drivers, laden with boxes, might have been the only person to come to the door.

For the last decade, there has been a steady shift towards e-commerce, but the lockdown forced more people online. Consumer data shared by Alvarez and Marshall indicates that by May 2020, 38% of UK consumers had purchased something online that they had previously only ever bought in store. Since then we have shopped online for Black Friday, Christmas, Valentines Day and more.

Those boxes full of essential items, entertainment, DIY products and luxury goods have been received with joy, but what will happen when the shops reopen?

High Street Footfall

After the first lockdown was lifted, research company Springboard reported that footfall in physical shops increased by 38.8% in a week. Will this be repeated in April, or are we now in the habit of buying online?

There are many reasons why shoppers may be drawn back to the shops.

Shop Local – Lockdown has given us a greater appreciation of local businesses and there is a desire to support them as they reopen.

In-Store Experiences – Sensory experiences impact our shopping decisions. Online shopping is limited to visual, but shops offer the opportunity to taste, smell, touch and try on before purchasing.

Human Interaction – We have been deprived of company, so many people will be keen to connect with others.

Product Discovery – Browsing the displays and watching demonstrations encourage shoppers to consider new brands or be tempted by the latest products.

Convenience – As town and city centres reopen, more people will be returning to the workplace. This makes it more convenient to pop to the shops.

Shipping Costs – For smaller purchases that don’t qualify for free delivery, it can be cost-effective to head into town to avoid the shipping costs.

Having said this, there will be people who are still cautious about heading out, along with those now converted to online shopping. It is reported that around 11,000 UK shops have closed in the last year, so is your favourite shop still there?

E-commerce or Store?

Rather than opting for e-commerce or store, it is clear that offering consumers a choice will be the wise choice for retailers. As preparations are underway for reopening in April, consider the following ways to attract and retain customers:

For E-commerce – Iron out any issues with the customer journey, from the online Checkout to packaging and deliveries. You want to offer quality goods, undamaged in transit and efficient processes that allows orders to be delivered quickly.

For Shops – Optimise experiences that cannot be achieved online to encourage customers through the doors. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, interactive elements and eye-catching window-and Point-of-Sale displays will encourage browsing and purchases.

Whether they buy instore or online, reward loyal customers. Consider invitations to in-store events, discounts on repeat purchases, competitions or samples of your latest product.

Specialist in E-commerce Packaging

As specialists in e-commerce packaging, the team at Aylesbury Box Company are just a phone call away. If you need retail packaging, delivery boxes or shipping cartons we can manufacture and print cardboard packaging to your requirements. Get in touch on 01296 436888.

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