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Aylesbury Box Company: The Thinking Inside the Box

News from the World of Boxes

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Recycling Trial

A few weeks back, our blog focused on coffee cup recycling. Having been brought into the media spotlight by Hugh Fernley Whittingstall, the question was raised about whether the cups should display the recycling symbol, when so few were actually recycled. Plenty of blame was focused...

Time to Meet the Neighbours?

In a recent YouGov Poll, 71% of UK shoppers responded that buying local produce was important. Despite this, large retailers with their generic products that have travelled from all corners of the earth, continue to dominate the market. The poll focused on the food and beverage...

Bright Outlook for Corrugated Cardboard

There’s been positive news regarding growth in the UK Manufacturing Sector, with rises in the demand for exports and consumer goods.  As the majority of goods need packaging for safe and secure transport and storage, the packaging industry is anticipating an increase in orders during the final...

Record Breaking Box

We’re often asked about the maximum dimensions for our large cardboard cartons. So far, the largest we have produced is 40m x 12m, which equated to 40 cubic meters in volume and we haven’t yet had requests for anything larger. Over the North Sea in the...

Ditch the Take, Make & Dispose Model with Cardboard

Take, Make and Dispose; this traditional consumption model has been the basis of manufacture for centuries and has contributed to the depletion of natural materials and the destruction of our environment. With growing awareness of our impact on the environment and global targets aimed at tackling...

Harvest Festival

Autumn: kicking up leaves, crackling bonfires and a bounty of fruit; what a delightful season! If any of you have an apple, pear or plum tree in the garden, this is the season to gather in your harvest. Fresh, juicy and delicious, there’s little more satisfying...