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Foil blocking or metallic print finishes are reflective by nature. This quality gives an added dimension to the packaging design, as well as making it more eye-catching.
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Using Metallic Print in Packaging


Using Metallic Print in Packaging

Metallic print and foil blocking have long been a popular choice for Christmas gift packaging. Over the past year, there has been a shift, as metallic elements have filtered into every season. From clothing and interiors to packaging and publications, metallics have been bang on-trend.

Pantone Launches Metallic Shimmers Print Range

Following extensive brand forecasting, Pantone, the global authority on colour, has recognised that this is more than a passing fad. In response, the company has developed 54 new Metallic Shimmers for print and packaging. These have been combined with the extensive range of existing metallic hues to provide 655 options. This will be music to the ears of any company wishing to add a reflective shimmer to their packaging design.

The joy of the Pantone matching system is that any colour can be consistently and accurately reproduced. This applies to printed cardboard packaging, as well as paper labels, textiles, glass, plastics and other materials. By selecting a specific Pantone shade, a designer can ensure that the colour of their product, packaging and marketing materials are identical, no matter where they are manufactured.

How to Incorporate Metallics into Packaging Design

In our opinion, the best effects are achieved when small metallic elements are added to a plain, matt background. This contrast accentuates the luminescence and shine of the metal. We have achieved some great effects using embossed, foil blocking fonts or subtle, yet effective detailing.

Excessive use of high gloss metallics can be overwhelming to look at. If you do wish to include a large area of metallic finish in your packaging design, it is worth considering matt metallic options, which give more of a brushed effect.

High gloss metallics can also highlight fingerprints and other marks when regularly handled, which is not ideal for product packaging. One option is to use a tempting hint on the outside of the box, whilst focusing more metallic elements on the interior. This adds delight when consumers open the packaging to reveal the product inside.

Why are Printed Metallics so Popular in Packaging Design?

Foil blocking or metallic print finishes are reflective by nature. They change in response to light and shade, at times seeming to stand proud of the surface. This quality gives an added dimension to the packaging design, as well as making it more eye-catching.

Metallic detailing is often associated with luxury goods and is used effectively on beauty cosmetics, alcoholic spirits, high-end home accessories and gift foods. Shades of gold, copper and brass are warm, radiant and opulent.

The other association is industrial, where the metallic element suggests solid, robust functionality. Although this brings to mind a colder side of metal, it still indicates a high-quality product.

With the extensive new range of Pantone colours, it is possible to have a metallic version of almost any colour. This opens up the opportunity to find a defining shade for your brand, which resonates a fresh association.

Applying Metallics to Packaging Design

If you would like to discuss the option of incorporating metallic elements into your packaging design, get in touch with Aylesbury Box Company on 01296 436888. Our knowledge of packaging design, print and finishing will help you to find a viable solution.

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