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Holding your shipping boxes in their hands may be the only direct interaction between your company and your customers, so make it count. Discover the impact of printed e-commerce packaging.
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Does your Brand Make the Right Impression?


Does your Brand Make the Right Impression?

Being quick to respond to online demand has saved many businesses over the last year. Investment in digital technologies has helped to satisfy customer needs, whilst retaining social distancing. The interaction that customers have with your brand is increasingly likely to be through your website and then receipt of the goods in a shipping box delivered to their door.

As lockdown starts to lift, it is an opportune time to review these interactions. What are the customer’s priorities when they visit your web pages, what are their expectations when they open that box?

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping builds an understanding of how easy is it to engage with your brand before during and after making a purchase. It considers the customer’s priorities at each interaction and explores how these are being addressed.

Multi-channel communication and a series of touchpoints are common for most organisations, but do customers get the same high standards of service no matter how they interact? Are expectations met through ordering online as consistently as via a phone call or an in-person transaction?

You may have had good insight into shopping behaviours and customer needs before lockdown, but priorities have shifted. As a result, it is important to connect with your target audience and understand what they now want from your brand.

Your goal is to deliver a positive customer experience, even when you may never have direct contact.

Customer Experience on the Website

When visiting your company website, could they easily find what they wanted and progress through checkout? Was there anything that made them hesitate about making a purchase, or where they completely put off? What happened if they had questions?

Customer Experience on Receipt of E-commerce Delivery

How excited were they to receive your box? What were their thoughts about your e-commerce packaging? Did the order arrive in good condition? Were they provided with sufficient information and had any personal touches been added?

Having been through the online purchasing process, how do they feel about your brand? Would they order from you again?

Adding the Personal Touch to E-commerce Packaging Design

When direct human contact is removed, making customers feel valued and differentiating your brand is challenging. It takes a little more creativity.

As packaging manufacturers, we see that the design of shopping boxes and product packaging can be used to connect with customers. When customers like the packaging design, it adds to their satisfaction with your brand.

Can your e-commerce packaging design help to elevate the customer experience? Here are our thoughts on adding the personal touch:

– Printed shipping boxes can delight and intrigue, as well as helping to make your brand more easily recognisable

– Printing can be used to provide information along with links to company websites and social media pages where customers can find out more or hear the latest updates

– Internal cardboard dividers offer added protection, enhance the presentation and improve the perception of the goods

– Wrapping gift items in plain or printed tissue paper enhances the unboxing experience

– Personalised messages can be printed on cards, vouchers and leaflets, to be included in the e-commerce packaging

– Shoppers are increasingly interested in brands with sustainable packaging. Share recycling/composting information to win fans and increase the chances that packaging will be disposed of correctly

Holding your shipping box in their hands may be the only direct interaction between your company and your customers, so make it count.

For further information on printed shipping boxes and e-commerce packaging for online retailers, contact Aylesbury Box Company on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk.

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