Aylesbury BOX Company | Luxury Packaging: As Tempting as Pandora’s Box
When it comes to luxury packaging design, brands can use the Pandora myth as inspiration for generating curiosity. The box should leave the recipient eager to reveal what’s inside.
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Luxury Packaging: As Tempting as Pandora’s Box


Luxury Packaging: As Tempting as Pandora’s Box

In the Greek Myth, Zeus gifts Pandora with a gilded box, along with strict instructions never to open it. Not knowing what’s inside fuels Pandora’s curiosity and temptation eventually drives her to lift the lid.

When it comes to luxury packaging design, brands can use this myth as inspiration for generating curiosity. The box should be created with a focus on making the goods irresistible, leaving the recipient eager to reveal what’s inside.

Such luxury packaging is ideal for limited edition ranges, high-end gifts and artisan foods. With the exception of hope, Pandora’s Box is full of wickedness, but your packaging can be filled with delights.

Opulent Packaging for the Luxury Market

An indulgent gift should make the recipient feel special and the process of unwrapping can be part of that process. This isn’t a process to be rushed and if you can find a way to engage all of the senses, the experience becomes all the more memorable. Below are our tips for transforming a simple cardboard box into luxury packaging.

Quality Design

If you want to attract high-end buyers, then no expense should be spared. Your packaging has to be of the highest quality, with careful attention to the detailing.

A basic glue strip may be functional, but it pays to explore unique ways to secure the box in order to add interest to the opening process. Once inside, consider coordinating inserts, which enhance presentation, whilst improving the protection of goods.

Aesthetic appeal

Sometimes simplicity is the key to success, however decorative patterns, rich colours or a decadent application of metallic can all contribute to creating an eye-catching design. The trick is to avoid an excessive combination, crosses the barrier between delightfully extravagant and gaudy.

Print finishes offered by Aylesbury Box Company include foil blocking, spot varnish and lamination, all of which have been used to great effect for luxury packaging design.

Textured Packaging

Aesthetic appeal helps to draw attention, but the next step is to pick up the box. Embossing or the contrast between matt and smooth high gloss finishes can provide a tactile experience that elevates a simple cardboard box to another level.

If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to be given a gift in a Tiffany’s box, you’ll know that the iconic pale turquoise box is given an added touch by the tied white ribbon. It’s all about adding texture and increasing the anticipation.

Scented Packaging

Boutiques, supermarkets and estate agent all understand that scents provide temptation. They weaken our resolve and increase our desire to indulge.

A subtle hint of a pleasant aroma excites the senses. If your bespoke box contains a perfume, Artisan foods or other scented goods, this can be easy to achieve. Alternatively, fragrant tissue papers or subtle stickers can be incorporated into your packaging to appeal to your sense of smell.

Packaging Personalisation

Finally, any way to personalise the packaging will heighten the sense that this is something special. This can work especially well for limited edition ranges, but even for large volume runs, your packaging design could include hidden messages that are revealed as the layers are opened. For inspiration, think of a twist on the Alice in Wonderland ‘Eat Me’ ‘Drink Me’ labels.

Designing and Manufacturing Luxury Packaging

Aylesbury Box Company has considerable experience in the design and manufacture of luxury packaging. If you could benefit from our assistance with translating your ideas into commercially viable packaging, get in touch on 01296 436888.

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