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Aylesbury Box Company produce sustainable packaging for a leading refill company. If we tell you a little more about them, will you consider making the switch?
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Keep Cup with the Latest Trend


Keep Cup with the Latest Trend

GQ and Vogue are talking about it and celebrities are doing it, so get on board with the refill movement.

As restrictions lift, more of us are returning to the office. The route of your commute may not have altered, but habits have changed. We’ve become used to packing a mask and bottle of hand sanitiser in our bags, so let’s add a refillable mug to the collection.

By using a refillable mug for that early morning coffee, you can cut the environmental costs of keeping hydrated.

Is Refilling Worth It?

You may believe that that takeaway coffee cup is not single-use plastic, so isn’t an issue. Surely it can just go in the recycling? Unfortunately, not. To keep the liquid in the cup and prevent leaks, the paper is coated on the inside. It cannot be processed in standard recycling and facilities for coffee cup recycling are limited.

You could also feel that in the grand scheme of things, changing your habits is not going to make a difference. This is far from the truth. Just one coffee cup a day amounts to 261 additional items of waste a year. Some may be processed, but most will add to landfill or the litter on our beaches and in our countryside. That doesn’t take into account the resources used in manufacturing and shipping those cups.

Time to Start a New Habit; Refilling

Aylesbury Box Company produce sustainable packaging for a leading refill company. If we tell you a little more about them, will you consider making the switch to a refillable?

Keep Cup for Coffee

In 2007, Australian siblings, Abigail and Jamie Forsyth were concerned about the volume of single-use waste that was being generated in their Melbourne cafes. They decided to explore the world of refillable cups. The idea was for a barista-friendly mug (that’s one that easily fits under standard coffee machines). They prioritised hygiene, wanting a product that was easy to clean. It was also important to design a quality product that was made to last.

Keep Cup was launched in 2009 and their website states that to date, this product diverts 8million single-use cups from landfill a year. That’s a lot of people making a small change that collectively makes a sizable impact.

With sustainability and environmental impact underpinning every aspect of Keep Cup production, the entire Australian office was solar-powered by 2015. The Keep Cup UK office opened in 2016 to localise production and this was fully solar-powered by 2019.

On both sides of the globe, all retail packaging is made from FSC certified card, with shipping cartons manufactured from 100% recycled cardboard. You can read more about their environmental actions and impact on the Keep Cup website.

Keep Cups come in a variety of colours and materials and you can tailor your own design. The latest version features enhanced vacuum sealing and thermal insulation to keep coffee hotter for longer. We offer four more incentives in case you need further convincing:

  1. GQ Magazine recently listed Keep Cup as the top pick from 15 reusable coffee cups for 2021
  2. Vogues’ Accessory Director, Willow Lindley stated she is ‘obsessed with her Keep Cup’ in a May article on reusable mugs
  3. Actress Jennifer Garner is one of the celebrities who are frequently snapped carrying a Keep Cup
  4. Keep Cup has donated $2million to global causes that actively reduce single-use products and promote biodiversity.

No more Single-use

So, whatever beverage gets you through the day, opt for a reusable mug as your new habit for 2021. Whichever brand you choose, a refillable mug is an easy way to reduce the use of precious resources and keep our countryside and seas from being littered with waste.

As a manufacturer of sustainable retail packaging and shipping cartons, Aylesbury Box Company can help brands to carry their values through packaging design. Speak to us about 100% recycled cardboard packaging on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk.

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