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Requests for festive packaging designs start to build from June. With ideas in mind, retailers are keen to talk things through with packaging suppliers.
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It’s not too early for Christmas Packaging


It’s not too early for Christmas Packaging

Live in the moment they say, appreciate the here and now. How can you be thinking about Christmas packaging in the middle of summer? Well, we are and that’s because retailers have to plan all year to optimise sales during the festive period.

At any time of year, packaging design plays a vital role in purchasing decisions. Adding a seasonal twist or completely rethinking packaging for Christmas can transform an everyday item into the perfect gift.

Christmas is a time when people are actively seeking quirky products and packaging. Shoppers want to give something more unusual or personalised to friends and family. This makes it a great opportunity for brands to get a little more creative with packaging design. It’s a super way to stand out from the competition and helps niche brands reach bigger audiences.

When do Retailers Need to Order Christmas Packaging?

The first point to make is that many shoppers start buying Christmas presents in October, so we are not looking at a December deadline. As a retailer, you want to have your festive offering ready and available for these early buyers.

In any year, requests for festive packaging designs start to build from June. By then, most retailers have identified trends and worked out which products they are taking to market. With ideas in mind, they are keen to talk things through with packaging suppliers.

This year, the industry has been facing reduced cardboard supplies. This has extended lead times for packaging orders. If retailers leave things until the last minute, there is a risk that their order cannot be fulfilled by the desired deadline.

To help our customers to get what they need in plenty of time, we are encouraging them to get in touch on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk to discuss Christmas retail packaging requirements.

Adding a Festive Twist to Packaging Design

Any brand can add a bit of character to its standard packaging with a festive twist. We offer some simple ideas to get you thinking.

  • For branded boxes that feature strong typography, print a coating of snow on the letters
  • Add a printed ribbon and tag to the box to resemble a gift
  • Switch the usual print design colour for green, red or gold (ideal for monthly subscription boxes)
  • Print a festive message on the inside of your packaging
  • Add a die-cut holly leaf or another festive symbol into boxes
  • Use tissue paper with a festive print design inside your boxes
  • Seal boxes with festive print tape or a sticker

Bespoke Christmas Packaging

To really get your products and brand noticed, bespoke Christmas packaging is more exciting than a little twist. Focus on what your customers desire and tailor the design to fit.

When buying gifts, many shoppers what an easy and convenient solution that looks like generous giving. In the past, multiple layers of packaging materials were used to add the wow factor. This bigger is better approach is now viewed as unnecessarily excessive, so brands have to use colour, typography, storytelling and illustration to entice.

One of the stresses of Christmas is gift wrapping. By going to town with a new print design and adding a printed gift label, could your boxes be good enough to give without wrapping? The use of printed tissue paper could further enhance the unboxing experience.

Consider how to pair products in gift packaging to create a winning purchase. What works together well and how can these be presented originally? Our team are knowledgeable about cardboard engineering, so they can advise on what is viable in terms of shape and dimensions.

Limited edition products and packaging encourage greater interest and add value to consumers. Would a small run of festive postal boxes boost sales for your e-commerce business? Unusual packaging is more likely to be photographed and shared online. This can be the ticket to extending your social reach and benefiting from peer influencers.

Sustainable Packaging; All that Glitters is not Gold

So, from subtle twists to full-on festive gift packaging, online retailers need to get planning their festive packaging. Before you finalise the design, there is one more point for consideration; sustainability.

There is an incredible peak in packaging waste during the Christmas holidays. Removing any unnecessary packaging is one way to help reduce this issue. Another is to provide information about recycling as part of your packaging design.

When it comes to recycling, cardboard with glitter is a problem. Many processors will not accept glitter-coated cardboard, as it clogs up the machines. Much as Christmas is a time for sparkle, it’s best avoided on product packaging and postal boxes. Metallic inks are a good alternative.

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