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As Aylesbury is promised a taste of India this month, we explore the influence of India on printed packaging design.
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Indian Influence in Packaging Design


Indian Influence in Packaging Design

Chai tea is a personal favourite. Part of the delight is the beautiful colour and designs that feature on chai tea packaging. No matter what the brand, the printed packaging adds to the promise of sensory delights. As you open the box, the aroma of spices hit your nose and you are not disappointed. This is all before you take the first sip of the tea.

The same colour infused anticipation can be found on Indian food ranges, including curry pastes and spice jars. As an example, we simply love the printed packaging design for the online company, The Spicery.

The Indian Court – Design Inspiration

The UK’s enchantment with Indian design dates back to the Great Exhibition of 1857, which was a celebration of the lands of the British Empire. This event featured an elaborate Indian Court. Rich in colour, draped in hanging carpets, with a stuffed elephant as a centrepiece, it certainly drew the crowds. The Illustrated Exhibitor publication described “India; the glorious glowing land…the brightest jewel in Victoria’s crown.

In complete contrast to the reserved British fashions, the dyed silks, detailed embroidery and mirrorwork on Indian fabrics must have seemed absolutely radiant at the time. Couple that with the detailed paisley leaf and lotus flower motifs and it must have seemed like sumptuous items from another world.

In a day when travel was a privilege for the few, the exhibition opened eyes and tempted explorers. A fascination with India inspired many western designers at the time and although many decades have passed, there is still something very exotic and desirable about the rich colours and symbolic patterns.

Indian Influence in Packaging Design

There is no doubt that coupling deep, opulent colours and beautiful pattern will help your packaging design to make a fantastic first impression. It would make eye-catching, shelf-ready packaging and wonderful delivery boxes that build eager anticipation from online customers.

The challenge of using any deeply cultural influence is to fully understand the meaning behind your design ideas. Each colour is associated with specific events and every motif has meaning. As an example, the elephant symbolises inner strength and nobility, whilst fish are associated with prosperity.

Yes, you want great design, but you also want to respect complex historic cultures. In printed packaging design, the image has to be congruent with the colour and the product. More importantly, a lack of understanding could reduce the appeal of your packaging to Indian customers.

With a range of print options, Aylesbury Box Company can advise you on the most effective ways to achieve the desired results in your packaging design.  From subtle motifs for online retail delivery boxes to gold highlights on flood printed packaging, get in touch on 01296 436888 if it is time to spice up the shelf appeal of your products.

Indian Inspiration in Aylesbury

If Indian-inspired design is part of your plan, you might enjoy The Festival of Lights, a community event happening in Aylesbury on Saturday 19th October. Music, crafts, dance, clothing and a lantern parade will fill our town. Come along and join in.

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