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Looking for alternatives to plastic packaging? We supply standard boxes, however, our ability to design and manufacture bespoke packaging has helped many of our customers to stand out from their competition.
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How to Avoid Plastic Bags


How to Avoid Plastic Bags

When leading toy distributor, John Crane Ltd closed down after 120 years in the industry, one of its former team stepped in. Jonathan Thorpe had a proven track record, having formerly been the MD, then President of Playmobil USA.

Jonathan wanted to continue the distribution of several leading toy brands which had been under the John Crane Ltd banner. In 2018, Jonathan’s Toys was launched.

Having previously worked at the company, there was a good understanding of the values which had underpinned the success of John Crane Ltd. These included a commitment to distributing quality toys. Also, with children as the target market, there was a goal to minimise environmental impact, in order to protect the world they were growing up in.

Non-plastic Exhibition Bags for Catalogues

Jonathan approached Aylesbury Box Company as he prepared to take the brand to a UK Toy Fair. He had catalogues to give out at the event. He wanted to make these easy to carry (and less likely to be left behind). He also wanted to avoid handing out plastic bags. In keeping with the company ethos, Jonathan was looking for a sustainable packaging solution.

In the discussion, we also talked about sending the catalogues to retailers in the post. Our packaging design team set to work to see if there was a viable solution that could be used for exhibitions and postal distribution.

Dual-purpose Packaging

We designed a printed cardboard wrap. This was printed on the outer layer, with company branding. Integral to the design were two flaps, which hold the catalogue in place. This offers protection and enhances the presentation.

Die-cut sections can be easily popped out, to transform the packaging into a carrier.  However, these can remain in place if the box is going to be sent in the post. A seal strip holds the cardboard wrap securely around the catalogue. It will be simple to attach address and postage labels to the exterior of the packaging.

The wrap is supplied and stored flat packed, which means that it needn’t take up a lot of space. The corrugated cardboard is made from predominantly recycled fibres and the box can be placed in the recycling bin when no longer needed. There is a good chance it will then be processed into new boxes.

Branded Packaging that Ticks all of the Boxes

If your company are looking for a sustainable packaging solution, speak to Aylesbury Box Company on 01296 436888 or email We are specialists in corrugated cardboard packaging and have helped many companies to meet their environmental commitments.

We do supply standard boxes, however, our ability to design and manufacture bespoke packaging has helped many of our customers to stand out from their competition. We add the personal touch and take an interest in what you are trying to achieve. We will then apply our cardboard engineering expertise to come up with packaging solutions that tick all of the boxes. How can we help you?

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