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Health and beauty e-commerce is one of Europe’s fastest-growing markets and it is starting to address the issue of packaging waste. From product containers to shipping boxes, we're seeing a fresh approach to packaging design.
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Fresh Look for Health & Beauty Packaging


Fresh Look for Health & Beauty Packaging

Health and beauty e-commerce is one of Europe’s fastest-growing markets. Established and emerging brands are packaging and delivering goods to fulfil shifting customer behaviours. Statista data forecast online beauty sales to be 36.9% of total sales by the end of 2021, with volumes increasing through to 2025.

This is music to the ears of skincare, cosmetic, healthcare and fragrance brands, but it isn’t all plain sailing. The industry is under scrutiny for its track record on packaging waste. From shampoo to face packs, vitamins to mascara, too many products are sold in plastic packaging.

In a recent article, we shared how some beauty brands are embracing sustainable products and packaging. Measures include offering refillable options, using glass and aluminium packaging and upcycling waste products, however, there is a long way to go.

The challenge is that packaging has multiple roles. In the beauty industry, brands need to balance sustainability and protection with a sense of luxurious desirability. Packaging is the silent seller; it impacts customer perceptions of quality and indulgence.

Taking responsibility for Packaging Waste

In Summer 2021, Millie Kendall MBE, CEO of the British Beauty Council urged action on the issue of packaging waste in the beauty industry. She stated that too much packaging was not being recycled because of compound packaging materials and unclear labelling. She highlighted that the current model put emphasis on the customer to take action.

Her appeal to companies was to take greater responsibility for reducing waste and increasing sustainability. It was made clear that neither the beauty industry nor the environment can wait for Governments to enforce change.

E-commerce Packaging for Health & Beauty Goods

Delivering online orders means that beauty brands also need to consider secondary and, in some cases, tertiary packaging. Secondary packaging is the gift box or display packaging that can add shelf appeal. It’s what you open to reach the primary packaging which contains the product.

As well as serving an aesthetic purpose, secondary packaging is widely used to meet EU Cosmetic Regulations relating to labelling. Every product must include:

– The name and address of an EU responsible person

– The pack size

– A Best Before date or lifespan information

– Batch code

– Relevant warning or precautionary statements

– The function of the product

– A list of ingredients

In recent years, many brands are ditching secondary packaging. By rethinking the design of the primary packaging, this outer layer can be surplus to requirements.

Tertiary packaging is the shipping carton. This has to protect one or multiple goods in transit, so they arrive in pristine condition. When sending the stock to retailers, these large cardboard boxes have minimal need for design. It is a different matter for B2C e-commerce orders.

The delivery boxes are the first point of contact between a customer and a brand. A standard box is not going to build anticipation or build a connection between buyer and seller. This has driven up demand for printed boxes for e-commerce retailers.

When a branded box slides through the letterbox or is delivered to your door, it triggers excitement. Whether you are an influencer, unboxing the products live, or simply receiving your order in private, printed boxes generate a positive association with the brand.

The great news is that strong designs can be achieved by printing corrugated cardboard, a sustainable packaging material. The shipping boxes gain character and definition, yet can still be recycled and made into new packaging boxes. Good packaging design can also enable the same boxes to be reused for returns

Printed Cardboard Packaging for E-commerce Retailers

Aylesbury Box Company produces printed cardboard packaging and shipping boxes for e-commerce retailers and subscription services. We advise on packaging design, print finishes and ways to eliminate plastic fillers. We are a UK packaging manufacturer and we are FSC® certified. Our green credentials enable you to evidence sustainability through the supply chain.

Get in touch to discuss your packaging requirements on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk.

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