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How could you enhance the shopping experience by exploring the potential of interactive packaging?
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Give Customers What they Wish For

Give Customers What they Wish For

Entertain and Engage with Retail Packaging

Packaging has long played a vital role in influencing buyer’s decisions and gaining the competitive edge. As shopping habits change, product packaging has to keep pace with consumer expectations in order to remain relevant and appealing.

According to Mintel’s 2017 Global Packaging Trends Report, ‘consumers are increasingly looking for brands to entertain and engage them’. The ability to clearly provide what they are looking for at the point of sale will increasingly influence packaging design.

Interactive Packaging

The majority of the population carry smart technology in their pocket where ever they go. This opens up the potential for creating interactive packaging. Scanning a code already provides consumers with added value, such as information on food freshness, or links to discount vouchers. These ideas help to create a meaningful connection between shoppers and your brand.

How could you enhance the shopping experience by exploring the potential of interactive packaging?

Multi-use Packaging

If technology isn’t right for your products, another option is to create multiple uses for your packaging. We’ve seen clothing packaging that transforms into a robust cardboard hanger and lightbulb packaging that forms into a simple lighting feature.

You could present stationery sets in a cardboard box, which easily tears along three perforated sides to open. Inside, the forth side has clips which allows the box to be used as a lever arch file. Alternatively, include a push out hole and simply remove one and a half sides, for a desk storage file. A great print (even a black and white design that the customer can colour themselves) will make this even more desirable.

Memorable Packaging

The key is to ensure that your packaging is memorable and associated with a positive experience. A cut out giraffe mask on the back of an Innocent Smoothie box has certainly delighted my family (who now want to collect the other masks in the series). We also have vivid memories of ‘scratch and sniff’ toothpaste and popcorn packaging.

If you have ideas to add a little more excitement to your product packaging, speak to Aylesbury Box Company. As cardboard box manufacturers, we help designers to create bespoke retail packaging solutions that enhance their brand. How can we help you?

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