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The demand for recyclable packaging solutions is expected to increase by 7% between 2016 and 2020.
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According to a report published by Technavio, the demand for recyclable packaging solutions is expected to increase by 7% between 2016 and 2020.

In recent years, a greater awareness of recycling and the circular economy has driven demand for packaging that is produced from sustainable materials, minimises waste and generally reduces the impact on the environment. This is predicted to be a growing trend.

Europe was identified as the largest market for recyclable packaging. This is in part driven by changing consumer demands; given the choice, many consumers will opt for brands that demonstrate environmental credentials. Large corporations and small independent companies have also recognised that sustainable and recyclable packaging is a differentiator that can give them the competitive edge in the market.

A New Norm in Packaging

International targets that have been agreed at global climate summits have also driven demand. In order to achieve the agreed goals, regulations have been introduced to encourage energy and water efficiency along with reductions in CO2 emissions and waste. This has altered what is seen as standard industry practices.

Over the last decade changes to the standard industry practices have seen recyclable packaging materials becoming the norm, rather than a specialist product. In many cases, it is at least as cost effective for companies to use recyclable materials and this has encouraged more companies to implement change.

Recycled Rather Than Recyclable

The issue of recyclable packaging not actually being recycled was raised in a high profile campaign relating to coffee cups. This highlights that it takes more than sustainable and recyclable packaging materials to reduce waste by reusing or recycling. The packaging industry needs to work in partnership with waste management services, to provide the necessary processes and resources to make recycling possible in order for targets to be met.

As consumers, we also have to take responsibility for using available recycling services and using them properly. It is only when every party plays their part that recycling becomes a cost and energy efficient process that has real environmental benefits.

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