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Young and old enjoy a bit of added fun at Christmas. Give your customer engagement a boost with visually compelling packaging design or a festive message.
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Added Sparkle for Festive E-commerce Packaging


Added Sparkle for Festive E-commerce Packaging

Mince pies, Christmas cards and Gift boxed items have arrived on the supermarket shelves. We will soon see shop window displays take on a festive twist in order to attract shoppers in from the cold. As an e-commerce business, it is worth considering how this same sense of excitement and anticipation can be replicated. Is it time to spruce up your e-commerce delivery boxes?

Young and old enjoy a bit of added fun at Christmas. Give your customer engagement a boost with visually compelling packaging design or a festive message.

How much does a Printed E-commerce Delivery Box Cost?

A top consideration for any business has to be the cost. The festive season may result in a considerable boost in sales, yet profits can still be tight. You need to know that any seasonal embellishments are financially viable.

Adding a festive design to your packaging can be achieved in a variety of ways. One of the most cost-effective methods is a single-colour, flexographic print. With a minimal setup cost, this print process can be incorporated into the manufacture of cardboard boxes. The cost per printed box is little more than plain packaging, making it great value for small batches and bulk orders.

It may be a basic printed packaging process, but great results can be achieved, how about:

  • A white, geometric snowflake design covering the entire delivery box
  • Green holly or mistletoe leaf motif printed in a ribbon banner around the box
  • Black gift tag design with a festive message
  • Brown reindeer antlers on the side of the box
  • Stars printed in a colour that fits your branding

A small step up and dual colours can be used (and mixed to achieve a three-colour printed packaging design). Imagine opening an e-commerce box and finding a fun candy-cane, striped interior. A single candy cane on the outside of the box could give a hint to what’s inside. Yes, double-sided printing is also an option!

If your brand is keen to push the boat out and stand out from the crowd this Christmas, the cost may be less of a concern. More elaborate designs can be achieved with screen and digital printing. We can flood print boxes with bold colours and designs, or add real shine and sparkle with foil blocking.

Aylesbury Box Company offers a range of print and finish techniques that are suitable for e-commerce delivery boxes. We are happy to make recommendations on the best ways of achieving your concepts, within your budget.

Inspiring Creativity with Printed Delivery Boxes

Could your e-commerce boxes inspire a little creativity, with designs that children could cut out and make something with? To get the ideas flowing, let’s kick things off – a festive reef or flat baubles that could be decorated ready for the tree.

A printed festive hashtag could encourage social shares. This can provide your brand with the opportunity to connect with your customers through online offers, inspiration and competitions.

If this article has struck a chord and you are fired up with ideas, there is no time to lose if you want printed e-commerce boxes for December deliveries. Get the ball rolling and give us a call on 01296 436888.

You could also consider ways in which your brand could brighten up those dull, post-Christmas, January days. Printed e-commerce delivery boxes for 2020, the Year of the Rat – the symbol of new beginnings and creative energy.

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