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The speed and simplicity of e-commerce are reasons why the average British shopper places three orders a week. From sustainable packaging to traceability, it's vital to meet these customer's expectations.
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Everything Now E-commerce


Everything Now E-commerce

Online shopping is desirable because it enables consumers to have everything now. The speed and simplicity of e-commerce are reasons why the average British shopper places three orders a week. In this article, we explore the other factors that are important to these online shoppers.

What are the Priorities for Online Shoppers?

A Wireless Logic Group Report on the digitalisation of consumer behaviours reveals some preferences that influence buying decisions.

Preferred Payment Method

One factor that was noted as being a cause of cart abandonment was not offering the preferred payment method. Being able to make secure transactions through a known and trusted payment gateway is a must.

Next Day Delivery

Having used search filters and secure checkout processes to order and pay for goods in minutes, the online shopper doesn’t like to be kept waiting. The report showed that 67% want the boxes at their door the next day.

To achieve this, the retailer has to have good  packaging stock and efficient fulfilment processes. Whether you are a small start-up or an established brand, delays due to internal issues, such as running out of cardboard boxes, are not going to win favour.

Traceability of Packages

Confirming that an order has been received and then dispatched is not enough for many online shoppers; they want to track those postal boxes. The desire to know where their parcel is and when it is likely to be delivered is particularly important for consumables and high-value items, including electronics and white goods.

Sustainable Packaging & Delivery

The survey revealed that 52% of customers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging and delivery options. This rose to 61% for the 16-34-year-old age group. Is your business committed to using recycled and recyclable packaging and electric vehicles or pedal power for deliveries? If so, ensure this is clearly communicated on your website and in the checkout process. Sustainable solutions do influence buying decisions.

Vending Machine Purchases

Interestingly, in the world of ‘everything now’ purchasing, 46% of those surveyed expressed an interest in being able to buy more from vending machines. From hotels and transport hubs to offices and factories, the option of 24/7 availability and convenience is appealing. Could this be a growth area for e-commerce retailers?

Packaging Supplier with Stock Holding

Aylesbury Box Company isn’t in the business of vending machines, but our team are specialists in sustainable cardboard packaging. Every day is spent manufacturing, printing and delivering branded postal boxes to e-commerce retailers or their chosen fulfilment company.

With a reputation for building good relationships with customers, we help maintain packaging stocks, so no one runs out of boxes. Our postal boxes are supplied flat packed to minimise the space needed to store them, but some customers prefer the option of stock holding.

For stock holding, we manufacture and print a high volume of printed cardboard boxes, yet only deliver a percentage of the order on day one. The rest is kept in our dry warehouse. Then, when boxes are running low, the customer can get in touch and request the next delivery. Like online orders, the advantage of stock holding is speed and simplicity. With printed boxes on our shelves, they are immediately available to send; no delays, just efficient service.

If your company is looking for a local supplier of sustainable cardboard packaging get in touch on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk. We are happy to provide advice, samples and a quote.

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