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From slim boxes that fit through the letterbox, to triple-walled boxes for bulky and weighty goods, Aylesbury Box Company is experienced in providing bespoke packaging for online retailers
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E-commerce Packaging Connects with Customers

E-commerce Packaging Connects with Customers

Customer experience has been identified as a primary differentiator, but as more of us chose to shop online, how can brands build connections with their customers? Packaging is the one element that is consistent with all e-commerce deliveries, so packaging design has to play a part.

Ecommerce Growth and Customer Experience

According to the E-commerce Foundation, turnover from business to customer shopping is on target to increase by 14.6% in 2019, compared to 2018. In contrast, footfall in UK High Streets declined by 2.7% in July. Town Centre shopping is currently at the lowest levels since 2015.

The physical stores that are surviving are those offering personalised services, convenience and great customer experiences. Looking beyond filling the shelves with stock, retailers need to offer more to entice shoppers and encourage them to linger.

The majority of online shoppers opt for home delivery, with only 2% choosing to pick up items in-store. This leaves e-commerce retailers with a minimal chance of meeting their customers in person. They must, therefore, consider alternative ways to engage with shoppers, build their brand reputation and encourage customer loyalty.

Step it up with Printed E-commerce Delivery Boxes

In the past, delivery boxes may have served a merely practical purpose; protecting goods in transit. The growth of e-commerce means that plain standard cardboard boxes are a missed opportunity. The shift is towards printed, sustainable packaging solutions, which showcase the brand in the best light.

Printed Postal Boxes Build Brand Awareness

From doorstep deliveries to YouTube Unboxing, printed postal boxes help to build brand awareness. Boxes can be printed with stylish patterns or strong branding. They could include informative text such as assembly guidelines or serving suggestions. A friendly message could make recipients smile or your focus could be to encourage engagement on social media channels.

Printed postal boxes will help your brand to stand out from the other deliveries and build the anticipation of revealing what is inside. With multiple print techniques available including low-cost flexographic printing, branded delivery boxes can also be commercially viable, even for start-up businesses.

Win Favour with Sustainable E-commerce Delivery Boxes

Many consumers have become wise to the environmental impact of their shopping habits. Whilst they enjoy the convenience of having goods delivered to their door, they do not want this service to impact on their wallet or the environment. UK consumers are actively moving away from brands that use excessive packaging.

Those companies that have taken steps towards using sustainable packaging materials, are encouraging packaging reuse and recycling are in favour. Cardboard is the most widely used material for delivery boxes. Being made from mainly recycled fibres and with 80% of all corrugated cardboard being recycled in the UK, it is a sustainable packaging material.

Bespoke Cardboard Packaging for E-commerce

Bespoke packaging boxes can be manufactured to best suit your deliveries; from slim boxes that fit through the letterbox, to triple-walled boxes for bulky and weighty goods. Aylesbury Box Company is experienced in providing bespoke packaging for online retailers and we can create exactly what you need.

Add flexographic design, printed labels and other finishing touches to personalise your deliveries and build a connection with your customers. It is one step towards winning their loyalty and that can count for a lot in the expanding online market.

For further information and to discuss your requirements, call us today on 01296 436888.

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