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Aylesbury Box Company is a specialist in cardboard packaging solutions and we want to help you by answering five common e-commerce packaging questions.
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E-commerce Packaging Questions Answered


E-commerce Packaging Questions Answered

“Necessity is the mother of invention” – Plato

Dire situations and uncertainty are often the sparks for exploring new opportunities. This is seen in the current emergence of thousands of new e-commerce businesses. Months of furlough, job losses and business closures are igniting entrepreneurial spirits.

If you are one of the many who are setting up an e-commerce business, you need to consider packaging and delivery. Aylesbury Box Company is a specialist in cardboard packaging solutions and we want to help you by answering five common e-commerce packaging questions.

How do I Design Packaging for a New Product?

Your packaging design has to offer sufficient protection, whilst showcasing your brand. It needs to have visual appeal, yet remain commercially viable. It should be easy to open, yet not fall apart in transit. Ideally, it is made from a single, biodegradable material. In short, there are a lot of boxes to be ticked!

You want to avoid paying for packaging that isn’t fit for purpose. For this reason, we would recommend speaking with your local packaging company from the off-set.

A packaging company like ours will be interested to know about your ideas, your product and your brand, as well as storage and transportation. They will assist you with the design. Listen to their advice on different ways to achieve your packaging goals; they may raise points that you have yet to consider.

We like to send our customers samples, so they can test the packaging. With advice, samples and a quote, you can make an informed decision about packaging design.

I’m looking for Custom Printed Boxes UK with no Minimum Order, any Recommendations?

As a small business, you are unlikely to need a bulk order of packaging. The issue is that many packaging companies charge a premium for low volume runs or have a minimum order requirement. This often forces start-ups to opt for off the shelf boxes, which are seldom the best option.

Custom printed boxes help to distinguish your brand from the competition, whilst optimising the protection of your goods. This helps to minimise damage and returns. Whether product packaging or shipping boxes, bespoke packaging has many benefits.

Aylesbury Box Company has no minimum order. We have produced one-off solutions for businesses, including exhibition PoS (Point of Sale) displays. Our approach is to be supportive of start-ups, so we do not bump up the unit price because you need 100, not 10,000 boxes.

How Much does it Cost to Have our Logo Printed on our Boxes?

Cardboard packaging is straightforward to print. The cost varies, as there are many different print and finish options.

Cheap printed boxes can be achieved with single colour flexographic print. There is an initial charge for tooling, however, after that, your boxes can be printed with your logo, your design or your message as part of the manufacturing process, with no additional cost.

If you are looking to add colour, flood printing, when the entire surface is coated is a great option. It offers impact at a relatively low cost. Flood printing has been a popular option for the inside surfaces of product packaging and shipping boxes.

At the other end of the spectrum, digital print, spot varnishes, foil blocking and embossing are among the options that can position your products at the top end of the market.

How can I Reduce Small Business Shipping Costs?

Bespoke packaging helps you to avoid paying to send anything bigger than necessary. We advise that you consider your courier’s weight and dimension limitations of small parcel delivery charges. Our team have helped to reduce costs by designing packaging within these limits.

On this point, it is important to say that packaging companies work to the inner dimensions of a box. For this reason, allow some scope for thickness to ensure your boxes remain within the limits.

Is there an Alternative to Plastic Bubble Wrap for  Shipping Boxes?

Customers are increasingly critical of brands that use excessive packaging. Bespoke boxes can completely remove the need for fillers. If they are required, plastic-free options are preferable, as they have a lower environmental impact.

Our recommendations include cardboard inserts, shredded cardboard or kraft paper. Aylesbury Box Company can also supply plain or printed tissue paper. Other filler options include sawdust, hay, wool and biodegradable nuggets. All of these can be composted or recycled.

Quality Packaging

Bespoke packaging needn’t blow your budget. Well-designed quality packaging will improve the perception of your brand and that can lead to repeat business. It can also save you money in terms of reducing returns, whilst helping your products to stand out from the competition.

If you would like to talk with one of our friendly team, contact Aylesbury Box Company on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk.

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