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When it comes to printed packaging, your bespoke boxes do not need to be an explosion of colour to have appeal. Some brands use a single colour print design across their boxes to great effect.
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Tips on Printed Packaging Design


Tips on Printed Packaging Design

In our previous Printed Packaging article, we explored print options for cardboard packaging and colour matching. Continuing the printed packaging theme, we now offer some design considerations.

Positioning of Design Elements on Packaging

Packaging is usually printed flat, then folded in a box. This means that consideration has to be given to the design layout. You don’t want graphic elements or font to be cut off or hidden in a fold.

Although modern print methods offer tight tolerances, it is usually advised to leave space around key elements in the design so nothing gets cut off. The safe print area positions font, icons and imagery within 15-20mm of the outer edges and folds.  This space also enhances the visual impact of the packaging design.

For printed packaging, the design should also include a bleed area. This is where the print extends 3mm-10mm beyond the packaging dimensions. This bleed minimises the risk of visible lines where the print ends.

High-Quality Print Finish

To achieve a sharp, professional finish, it is important to send high-resolution graphics to print. This can be compromised if logos, images or font have not been vectorized before being scaled up for the packaging. Ensure your graphic designer knows how to resize the design without losing the definition.

Talking of resizing, your brand may require several different sized boxes. Make sure that any text is still clear and legible on the smallest scale packaging.

External and Internal Box Printing

All sides of cardboard boxes can be printed. This allows plenty of space to provide impactful colour, storytelling and information to engage recipients with your brand. Even small flaps can be used as a coupon or to share a top tip!

A relatively plain exterior can enhance the wow factor when the inside of your boxes are bright and decorative. It adds to the delight of opening up and seeing the product. If your packaging design includes internal dividers, remember to add print to these too.

In keeping with creative products, the inside of a box could be printed with templates. The recipient could cut these out for a ‘make and do’ project that compliments the product. This is a great, low-cost way to add value and excitement. Customers could share their makes, with your hashtag, on social media and help you to build brand awareness.

Single Colour Printed Packaging

Your bespoke boxes do not need to be an explosion of colour to have appeal. Some brands use a single colour print design across their boxes to great effect. Georganics and Craftiosity both use this approach for their subscription boxes.

In both cases, the box colour provides the base for the print design. An alternative option is a reverse print. This is where the boxes are flood printed in a colour, with resist areas. The resist might be the font or a design which will then be revealed in the box colour.  These are two effective ways to achieve a two-colour finish with a single colour print.

Get Advice from UK Box Manufacturer

We hope that our two print articles have helped you to gain more understanding of packaging design.

The Aylesbury Box Company team are happy to answer your questions on printed packaging. We can recommend a graphic designer or liaise with your graphic designer, to ensure the end result matches your expectations. Contact us on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk.

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