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As specialists in cardboard packaging solutions, we work with customers from all industries, but surprises still come our way...like paper bottles!
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Cheers to Paper-based Packaging


Cheers to Paper-based Packaging

Paper-based packaging is nothing new. Paper bags, cardboard boxes and carton board containers have been widely used to store and transport goods. As specialists in cardboard packaging solutions, we work with customers from all industries, but surprises still come our way. We are fascinated by a development in the drinks market.

Food and Drink Packaging

When it comes to food and drink packaging, Aylesbury Box company mainly produces take away boxes and secondary cardboard boxes. We are experienced in producing printed shipping cartons for several local breweries, along with Slurp wine deliveries and The Real Kombucha.

Our cardboard boxes hold bottles and cans of all sizes, but not the drink itself. A clear limitation of paper-based packaging has been liquids. Is this about to change?

We are fascinated to hear that paper bottles could be hitting the shelves. It may sound illogical, but packaging liquids in paper is being trialled. The next time you shop for your favoured brand of Gin or Vodka, you could be putting a paper bottle into the shopping basket.

Original Packaging Design: Paper Bottles for Alcoholic Spirits

Vodka Bottles

An Absolut Vodka trial was how the concept first came to our attention. 2,000 Absolut paper bottles, produced by danish company Paboco, are to be sold in the UK and Sweden this year. The bottles are formed from 57% paper, mixed with 43% recycled and recyclable plastic.

At the moment, this sounds like a great marketing exercise, but we are yet to be convinced about the environmental benefits of the switch. Absolut is usually sold in glass bottles, which are produced with 47% recycled glass. Although glass production is relatively carbon-intensive, they are fully recyclable. Household waste collections across Europe can accept and process clear glass bottles.

Gin and Wine Bottles

We also learnt about Frugalpac, a packaging company in Ipswich that has also produced a paper bottle for an alcoholic spirit. Partnering with Silent Pool Distillery and Cantina Goccia, Frugalpac has created paper gin and wine bottles.

This paper-based packaging is formed from an impressive 94% recycled paper. The final 6% is a fully-recyclable, food-grade liner. One of the advantages of a paper bottle is that any branding and design is not restricted to the label. This offers producers great scope for printed typography and images.

As an alternative to a bottle, Frugalpac also produces drinks cartons. This is formed from a carton board outer, with a removable liner.

In most cartons, the two layers are bonded. The process of separating outer and inner layers is often too costly to make it commercially viable to recycle. This removable liner allows the consumer to separate the layers, increasing the likelihood that it will be recycled.

The third Frugalpac product is the only disposable paper cup that is fully recyclable in mainstream processes. Made with 96% paperboard, the thin liner separates with ease during recycling. This means the printed paper cups can be disposed of in any recycling bin. That is impressive!

Will Paper Bottles Catch on?

Aylesbury Box Company is keen to encourage moves towards biodegradable and recyclable packaging materials. We love to hear about packaging innovations and inspiring packaging design. It could be some time before the concept of paper bottles takes off, but we will keep track of progress. This could be an idea for the future.

For now, we will continue to support drinks manufacturers by providing bespoke presentation boxes and shipping cartons. If you would like a quote for printed boxes, get in touch on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk.  We will design solutions around the size and shape of your bottles and provide advice on print finishes.

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