Aylesbury BOX Company | How a Cardboard Project Raised Thousands for Charity
If your brand is looking for something more original for a product launch or luxury gift item, there is no need to be limited to the standard box shape. Check out these artists to inspire fresh thinking about corrugated cardboard.
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How a Cardboard Project Raised Thousands for Charity


How a Cardboard Project Raised Thousands for Charity

Working with corrugated cardboard, we know that it is an incredibly versatile material. Being low cost, widely available and lightweight, cardboard is used for many inventive construction projects.

A young New Zealand man has recently demonstrated the potential of cardboard by building his dream car. David Jones aspired to drive a Lamborghini, but at 22 years old, even the option of hiring one for a day was out of the question. He decided to set himself a challenge.

Using a to-scale paper model of the car, he projected each individual part onto the wall to create a life-sized template. The templates were carefully cut out of corrugated cardboard and gradually assembled to form the body of the vehicle.

The next step was to see if he could create moving parts that would enable him to ‘drive’ the car. He added wheels, a brake system and a steering wheel, all made from corrugated cardboard.

This ambitious project took just 2.5 weeks to complete. As David already had a YouTube channel for sharing surfing videos, he shared each step of the build online. Interest in the build attracted over 500,000 additional followers.

Once complete, the ‘cardboardghini’ was taken for its maiden voyage – a downhill test drive. Whilst it moved and could be steered, the short journey was wobbly. Fred Flintstone-style leg power was required to get the cardboard creation back to the garage!

Unexpected Cardboard Sales

With the project complete, David’s dad wanted his garage back. Rather than breaking up his work, a decision was made to see if they could find a buyer. David decided that any money raised would be donated to charity. He thought that $50 would be great.

Interest in the ‘cardboardghini’ was high and bids came flooding in. In the end, a man from Christchurch won the auction, paying $10,420 for a ‘work of art’. We wonder if he transported it in a cardboard box!

David stood by his commitment and donated every penny to Starship Children’s Hospital. This local organisation had treated and nursed him back to health as a teenager – what a wonderful way to thank them.

It seems that David has caught the bug for cardboard construction, as he is now considering what his next build could be. This is certainly a brilliant way to reuse cardboard boxes.

Thinking Outside the Box

As David has demonstrated, corrugated cardboard has so much more potential than boxes. It can be cut, shaped and assembled into all manner of forms.

Another example comes from Warren King, an artist who created life-sized corrugated people. The Shao Xing Villagers are a tribute to his Chinese heritage.

Warren is keen to work with corrugated cardboard as it challenges the sculpting process. Working with the material, he bends it where the corrugation allows for folding. This demands a different thought process. He has mastered the art and uses intersecting planes of cardboard to form lines, form and shadow. It successfully creates realistic human shapes.

The figures may be formed from flat cardboard sheets, but with impressive craftsmanship, they become expressive and characterful.

These examples aren’t designed as product packaging and they certainly wouldn’t be a viable option. They do, however, illustrate the potential of cardboard. If your brand is looking for something more original for a product launch or luxury gift item, there is no need to be limited to the standard box shape.

For inspiration, check out the annual Pro Carton Young Designer Awards. Fresh thinking and cardboard engineering come together to form beautiful and practical packaging solutions.

To discuss the practicalities of your packaging design ideas, get in touch with the Aylesbury Box Company team on 01296 436888. With knowledge of the manufacturing processes, we can advise on ways to make your vision a reality.

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