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As a strong and durable material, corrugated cardboard and cardboard tubes have real potential in the creation of retail fittings and shop window displays.
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What Place has Cardboard in Retail Design?


What Place has Cardboard in Retail Design?

Every retailer with a physical store has to work incredibly hard to attract and engage shoppers. Shop windows and in-store displays have to be regularly updated to tempt people through the door. Regular interior redesigns encourage repeat visits and browsing, but creating the displays can be expensive. We look at three retail interior design ideas that have not cost the earth.

Smithfield Menswear Embraces Cardboard

Back in 2009, design agency Burnt Toast was approached by Smithfield Menswear to create an interior for their shop in Manchester.

The company wanted a solution that would stand their brand apart from the local competition. They were also looking for a flexible format that would be straightforward to alter. This would ensure that the store could maintain a fresh appearance without starting from scratch each season.

Burnt Toast designed an interior that made use of locally sourced, recycled cardboard tubes and boxes. From tubular cardboard light fittings, to securely stacked boxes, cardboard proved to be a sufficiently robust material for the interior design.

The cardboard fittings were easy to install and provide a neutral background on which the latest menswear range can be displayed. The fittings are strong, yet lightweight, so they can be moved around and repositioned as required.

The finishing touches were added in the form of cardboard dogs. Inspired by the Smithfield Menswear brand, these provided a unique character to the shop.

Flood Printed Cardboard Window and Store Displays

In 2018, Aylesbury Box Company was contacted by a leading UK retailer. They were interested in using printed corrugated cardboard pedestals to showcase their Spring range. With the design agreed, we manufactured and flood printed a range of pastel window displays.

Everyone in the Aylesbury Box Company team pulled together to fulfil the order, as the collection of flat packed displays had to be shipped to a large number of stores across the UK on the same day. This would allow teams throughout the country to assemble identical shop window and in-store displays for brand consistency.

When it was time to update the display, the retailers could easily disassemble the pedestals and put them with other cardboard waste for recycling.

Fabric Cardboard Tubes Reimaged in Aesop Store

In 2017, design company Brooks and Scarpa created a clean, stylish and sustainable interior for the Aesop Skincare store in Los Angeles. Located in the city’s fashion district, there was a plentiful local supply of large, sturdy cardboard tubes, on which fabric was supplied.

These tubes were recycled and used throughout the store; lining the walls, providing bespoke light fittings and as point-of-sale displays. In addition, cross-laminated cardboard formed the flat shelves and counter area. In short, the stunning result did not blow the budget and it was completely sustainable.

The cardboard tubes were not printed, but the curved surface allows for a natural play of light, where light and shade add interest. The result is a contemporary finish, which works in synergy with the elegant simplicity of the Aesop product packaging.

Realising the Potential of Cardboard Retail Fittings

As a strong and durable material, corrugated cardboard and cardboard tubes have real potential in the creation of retail fittings and shop window displays. Aylesbury Box Company can advise on cardboard design, manufacture and print process, to ensure that the finished look is stylish and consistent with your brand. There need be no compromise when you discover sustainable solutions.

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