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With a little creativity and our cardboard engineering skills, you could deliver more than just an effective packaging solution.
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Cardboard Creations

Cardboard Creations

With the right cardboard engineering skills and equipment, almost any object can be shaped and formed. It is a strong, durable and versatile material, which can be modelled in so many different ways.

A packaging company on the West Coast of America is keen to prove this point. Ernest packaging solutions have been experimenting with their cardboard engineering techniques to create an exact replica Stratocaster guitar, skateboards and a child’s balance bike. These are simply items for show; they’ve been put into use.

Although a standard cardboard box serves many practical purposes, it doesn’t take much to transform it into something more exciting, eye catching or valuable. With a little creativity you could deliver more than just an effective packaging solution.

Let’s Get the Cardboard Ideas Flowing

We could design an insert with a perforated design that would allow customers to push out and assemble a simple model that relates to your business. Maybe a basic toast rack in your kitchen range, or a coat hanger on that sheet of cardboard that keeps shirts and t-shirts flat packaged. Imagine the delight if a children’s toy packaging included a push out, 3D cardboard animal model.

We could coat a cardboard flap with black print, so you can include a chalk and # in each box for customers to write feedback to share on Twitter. Beautiful print designs will encourage people to find a new purpose for the box, rather than it heading straight for the recycling. You could include a sheet of instructions on how to remodel it into something useful too.

On a more practical note, an additional flap, hole or other alteration, you could make it easier for customers to open, lift or store your cardboard boxes. In a world where speed and convenience are highly valued, this could be the way to put your brand in favour.

Cardboard Engineering

Aylesbury Box Company is a cardboard manufacturer as well as supplier. Our team have years of cardboard design and engineering skills, as well as the machinery to transform ideas into reality. If you want to spice up your packaging using design or print, speak to us, we love a challenge!

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