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In July, the community of Galway helped to create a 23m high cardboard Basilica in Eyre Square. This was based on the dome of Galway Cathedral, a prominent local architectural feature.
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Built from Thousands of Cardboard Boxes


Built from Thousands of Cardboard Boxes

In July, around 2 tonnes of corrugated cardboard boxes were needed at the Galway International Arts Festival in Ireland. Rather than a packaging requirement, this supply of material was needed to construct The People’s Build.

The People’s Build is the work of French artist Olivier Grossetete. He invites construction teams and the general public to come together to create art. The colossal sculptures generally take the form of local architecture and all are formed from corrugated cardboard boxes and reams of tape.

Replica Buildings Made from Cardboard Boxes

The first major cardboard architectural replica project was the recreation of Lyons Town Hall back in 2000. Since then, The People’s Build projects have taken place in countries around the globe. In July, the community of Galway helped to create a 23m high cardboard Basilica in Eyre Square. This was based on the dome of Galway Cathedral, a prominent local architectural feature.

The Galway community have previous experience of working with Olivier Grossetete, as he has attended the Arts Festival on two previous occasions. Last year, a cardboard replica of the Corrib Railway Bridge was created and then floated on platoons in the water. In 2017, Aula Maxima was recreated in Eyre Square.

Temporary Cardboard Art

Whilst most artist are keen that their work lives on, The People’s Build is a temporary creation, which focuses on community involvement. The art is in the process of transforming standard cardboard boxes into architectural forms. The scale is impressive and brings a considerable sense of achievement to everyone who participates, but it is not built to last.

Having been erected on one day, the community are invited to knock down and destroy the cardboard creation on the following day. Is it a reflection on society that grand and impressive structures can be so easily brought to the ground?

Recycling Cardboard Waste

Obviously, a project of this nature brings to mind concerns about waste. Before committing to any project, Olivier Grossetete agrees on the supplier of cardboard boxes, as well as the process for recycling.

The great news is that local company, Walsh Waste and Recycling took on full responsibility for the sustainability of this creation. They committed to collecting and recycling all the cardboard that was used. Cardboard fibres can be processed and reformed into new cardboard boxes within 2-weeks. As such, many of the participants might be receiving their next online shop in a box that is formed from the art they created.

Walsh Waste and Recycling have supported the event since its origins in the 1970s. This year, they took their commitment to sustainability a step further.  The company worked with the festival bars to ensure that drinks cups used at the two-week event were recyclable, collected and recycled. Much like the grand sculptures, that is an impressive feat.

Cardboard Box Manufacturer

As a cardboard box manufacturer, Aylesbury Box Company is on hand for all of your corrugated requirements. From a small run of bespoke boxes to bulk orders for industry, e-commerce or community arts, we can design, manufacture print and supply cardboard boxes. If sustainability is your priority, we can supply 100% recycled cardboard for certain applications.

For further information or a quote, please contact our team on 01296 436888.

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