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A plain cardboard box is a wasted opportunity. Companies have realised that with a little more attention to print and packaging design, the cardboard delivery box can build brand awareness.
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Cardboard Boxes have been Elevated


Cardboard Boxes have been Elevated

Cardboard boxes were first introduced as a packaging container in the 1850s. Until recent years, they have been largely utilitarian in design. Used for bulk deliveries, these robust beige boxes transported goods from the factory warehouse to the storeroom. They were out of sight and very little thought was given to their design.

The tide has changed. With the rise of e-commerce, the delivery box is now placed into the hands of the consumer. In a world of online shopping, this may be the main opportunity for a brand to connect with its audience. Cardboard boxes have been promoted and now have an important part to play in the perception of your brand.

Increased Demand for Small Postal Boxes

A plain cardboard box is a wasted opportunity. Companies have realised that with a little more attention to print and packaging design, the cardboard delivery box can:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Increase interaction with the brand
  • Showcase core values
  • Add to the sense of delight at the point of delivery
  • Encourage packaging reuse

Increasingly, the demand for large cardboard cartons is shifting towards small postal boxes. These might even be manufactured to fit through the letterbox. With consideration given to print design, a standard box can be transformed with branding, stylish illustration and/or informative text.

Adding Value without Cost

Whilst e-commerce growth may be driving up demand for small postal boxes, any solution has to be economically viable. This is especially important for the many start-up businesses that are preparing to serve online shoppers.

A variety of print processes can be applied to the humble cardboard box. Aylesbury Box Company often recommends flexographic print for delivery boxes, because it is an effective, yet low-cost option. (If you prefer something more opulent, we can discuss options including spot varnishes and foil blocking.)

There is an initial set up cost for flexographic print, but the design can then be printed onto the boxes as part of the standard manufacturing process, time and again. We have worked with many companies on simple single or two-colour designs which transform the look of their product packaging.

Research has shown that external and internal printing increases the perceived value of the goods held inside. This means that your consumers feel they are receiving a higher quality product when it comes in a stylish printed box.

Make an Impact with Printed Delivery Boxes

Internet shopping has opened up a wealth of opportunities for retailers and shoppers, but it is a highly competitive market. There is no way that you can stand out from the crowd and make an impact with a standard, off-the-shelf delivery box.

Aylesbury Box Company are on hand to assist with packaging design, manufacture and print. We can help your brand to stand out from the crowd with cost-effective and sustainable packaging solutions. Make the most of the opportunity to connect with your customers and showcase your brand.

To discuss your ideas, call our friendly team today on 01296 436888.

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