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We get a lot of requests for unusual boxes in preparation for the festive season, but a bespoke box isn’t just for Christmas. Customers are drawn to brands that regularly update their packaging.
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Buy Bespoke Boxes!


Buy Bespoke Boxes!

You’ve invested in a unique brand identity; a logo, a strapline and underpinning values that appeal to your target audience. You’ve agonised over the details of your website, your premises and your shop window. Don’t suddenly cut corners and opt for standard boxes for your deliveries; buy bespoke boxes!

Whether you operate an online store or a physical shop, bespoke boxes offer you the chance to promote your brand and generate excitement when making deliveries. They ensure that your products are presented in a suitable manner and provide the customer with a sense of added value.

Can we Afford to Buy Bespoke Boxes?

There’s a perception that any bespoke item will come with a hefty price tag. When you need to fulfil a high volume of orders, the cost of packaging has to be considered; a high price could compromise profits. The good news is that you don’t need an expansive budget to buy bespoke boxes.

Printed Boxes

Print design is one way to customise your delivery boxes. Preparing a simple, flexographic print does incur a small set up fee, but each box can then be printed, time and time again. It becomes part of the standard box manufacturing process, with the same per box price and time frames being offered on orders.

From monochrome logos and information, to bold designs, our flexographic print service has made it viable for many companies to buy bespoke boxes. A few examples include boxes for Thortful Cards, Butternut Box dog food and affordable packaging for Gadd & Co tableware. Can we add your brand to the list?

Having said this, if you are keen to splash out on something more extravagant, we offer an extensive range of finishes including rich, multi-coloured lithographic print, high gloss finishes, foil blocking and spot varnishing. Luxury packaging has been shown to increase the perceived value of the goods inside. It suggests a premium product, that consumers are willing to spend more on. Your profit margins might not be in jeopardy after all!

Bespoke Box Design

As a box manufacturer, Aylesbury Box Company loves a design challenge. We relish the opportunity to use our cardboard engineering skills to create a fresh look that can’t be bought off the shelf. If your products demand more than standard packaging, we can help create bespoke packaging design.

Every bespoke box that we’ve created begins with adapting a standard template. There’s seldom a need to completely start from scratch and this makes it cost effective. What’s more, when the design has been created and approved, it can be processed in the same way as a regular box.

We get a lot of requests for unusual boxes in preparation for the festive season, but a bespoke box isn’t just for Christmas. Customers are drawn to brands that regularly update their packaging. Get it right and your boxes can add excitement, get photographed and shared, build brand awareness and encourage purchases.

Practical Reasons to Buy Bespoke Boxes

Some requests for bespoke boxes come from the need for practical changes, rather than visual design and marketing. A bespoke requirement could make it easier to lift, handle or open a box. It could incorporate inserts that better protect the product and reduce the risk of damage. You may be looking to buy bespoke boxes to aid industry compliance, or make it easier to stock and display goods. We have plenty of practical packaging solutions up our sleeve.

Ask us about the Options

Don’t give up on the option of bespoke boxes before you’ve tried. Tell Aylesbury Box Company what you are looking for and we’ll provide recommendations. If you’ve already been put off by a quote, we can often suggest an alternative means of getting a similar effect at a more affordable price. Get in touch with the knowledgeable team at Aylesbury Box Company on: 01296 436888

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