Aylesbury BOX Company | A Focus on Boxes for School Initiatives
As well as bespoke boxes for businesses, Aylesbury Box Company is asked to provide boxes for non-commercial projects, charities and, in the case of the following examples, school initiatives.
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A Focus on Boxes for School Initiatives


A Focus on Boxes for School Initiatives

Aylesbury Box Company provides large corrugated cartons for industrial customers, printed e-commerce packaging and bespoke boxes for businesses. We are also asked to provide boxes for non-commercial projects, charities and, in the case of the following examples, school initiatives.

British Council Project to Support Online Collaboration

The closure of schools has forced many pupils and teachers to communicate and educate online. This has been a relatively new approach to learning in many schools, particularly at primary level. Whilst it has been a challenge for some pupils, online learning has provided children and teachers with access to many different resources and learning packages.

The opportunity to boost pupil motivation, provide teachers with new resources and open up fresh opportunities have been important to a British Council project since 2005. Jointly funded by Erasmus+, e-Twinning enables schools to find and collaborate with other schools across the EU.

e-Twinning Kit Boxes

Each school that signs up is provided with a project kit box. This provides step-by-step guidance and project inspiration. The British Council requested white kit boxes from Aylesbury Box Company. These boxes were mono-printed with the funders’ logos.

Since e-Twinning began, 44 EU countries have participated. There have been over 11,000 projects involving UK schools. International projects can be short-term; supporting the learning on a particular topic or long-term, relating to a specific subject area or school initiative.

Projects can be set up in primary schools, through to further education colleges. The achievements of participating establishments can count towards the criteria for the British Council International School Award.

The exchange of ideas, experiences, views and work can enrich the curriculum, build an understanding of different cultures and encourage small group co-operation among students. It can also build the confidence, knowledge and resources available to teachers.

Keeping Children Active Outdoors

Whether working from home or returning to school in bubbles, parents and teachers have recognised the importance of keeping children active and outdoors. Sunlight, fresh air, fitness and fun all play a part in maintaining good mental health. This has been especially important during lockdown.

Schools and colleges are among those ordering outdoor gym equipment from another of our customers, Fresh Air Fitness. In many cases, P.E. and Sports Premium has been used to purchase this equipment. It offers an enjoyable means of boosting physical activity during break times, as well as in P.E. lessons and after-school clubs.

Maintenance Boxes

Fresh Air Fitness approached Aylesbury Box Company to provide white boxes for their maintenance packs. These were printed with their blue and green logo and company contact information. In line with the product, the look of this packaging is fresh and appealing. The boxes are given to school caretakers after the company has installed the equipment.

Boxes for Build on Books

There is nothing like enforced school closures to help parents and children fully appreciate the value of a good education. In the UK, we are fortunate that children can attend well-equipped schools. In other nations, it can be difficult for families to send their children to school.

Build on Books is a Buckinghamshire charity. Run by a dedicated team of volunteers, they collect donations of books and educational equipment in the UK to be sent to Sierra Leone. Years of civil war has left many children in this country without access to the basic resources needed to learn.

Aylesbury Box Company supplies the robust corrugated shipping boxes to transport books to Africa. The journey can be demanding, but these donations must arrive in great condition.

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The communities in Sierra Leone have pulled together to build schools and Build on Books helps to fill these buildings with books, furniture and accessible fresh water. To date, over 150 schools and 2 community libraries have been transformed thanks to Build on Books.

Supplier of Corrugated Boxes

If your organisation is looking for a reliable supplier of plain or printed cardboard boxes, please get in touch with the team at Aylesbury Box Company. We are happy to discuss your requirement, make recommendations and provide a quote. Contact us on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk.

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