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Aylesbury Box Company have helped several companies to create customised board game packaging.If you are designing a new board game, with visions of sending it to market, here are some packaging design tips for consideration.
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Board Game Packaging


Board Game Packaging

Bored yet? Whether furloughed from work or trying to keep the children entertained in home school, you may have dusted down the board games. Monopoly and Cluedo are popular, along with some of the world’s oldest forms of entertainment, like chess and draughts.

Did you know that a Backgammon set made from turquoise and agate was found in Iran, believed to date back to 3000BC? Other ancient games include Senet and Ur, examples of which have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs.

New board games also enter the market every year. Maybe, with time on our hands, now will be the ideal time for fresh board game ideas. What theme would you opt for?

Customised Board Game Packaging

Modern games are often made from cardboard and paper elements; for example the board, instructions and playing cards. In addition, they usually come in printed rigid boxes. Aylesbury Box Company have helped several companies to create customised board game packaging.

If you are designing a new game, with visions of sending it to market, here are some packaging design tips for consideration.

Shelf-ready Packaging

Unique packaging can certainly grab attention, but your game has to also appeal to retailers. They have logistical requirements and will demand shelf-ready packaging. How will the game be stacked on the shelves and how easy is it to ship?

Dividing Game Components

Nothing is more frustrating than getting part way through a game and having to stop because pieces are missing. To reduce the risk of pieces getting lost, as well as the risk of choking hazard, keep the game design as simple as possible.

Within the game’s packaging, internal divisions can help to hold the contents in place. Some companies focus on the presentation when you first open the box. From the player’s perspective, internal divisions should also make it easier to pack the game away.

Quality Packaging

Using quality materials for the game and box will help to prevent damage, keeping the game ready for play on every rainy day. You also need high-quality printed packaging to make the game eye-catching and appealing. Make your design shout that this is the perfect gift for family and friends!

Unique Games Packaging

Aylesbury Box Company were approached by Seymour House Early Education. They are a nursery who provide stimulating pre-school education. In addition to safe, secure and happy childcare, Seymour House creates resources to help staff and parents to develop skills. Seymour House has an online learning app (you might be interested if you have preschoolers at home). They also wanted us to assist them with packaging for a physical game.

In our collaboration over the packaging design, we discussed the idea of the packaging being part of the game. It still needed to be practical and protective, but it would also be used during play. The advantage of this idea was to minimise the volume of materials being used.

Games Box Manufacture

If you are inspired to create your own game for market, you can speak to Aylesbury Box Company for packaging advice. Contact our team by email; enquiries@abcbox.co.uk or call us on 01296 463888. We can help bring your design to life.

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