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A generic, off the shelf box may seem like a cost effective packaging solution however, there are considerable added costs in this approach.
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The Perfect Fit: Bespoke Packaging

The Perfect Fit: Bespoke Packaging

Have you ever been confused when receiving a delivery? You thought you ordered a relatively small product but a large cardboard box is handed over; surely this bulky package can’t be what you are expecting.

On opening it, you discover the item you ordered surrounded by an excessive mound of filler materials. Not only does this seem unnecessary, it also leaves you with a pile of materials to dispose of. In a time when there is such a great focus on sustainability and recycling our precious resources, it can leave you wondering about the values of the company you’ve purchased from.

Cost Effective Packaging Solutions

A generic, off the shelf box that can be used for all orders may seem like a cost effective packaging solution: buy in bulk, stack in the warehouse and load up as the orders come in. However, there are considerable added costs in this approach.

Factor in the cost of the following and it no longer makes economic sense:

  • All the filling materials that are required before a small order can be dispatched
  • The time spent by the packers in filling the cardboard boxes in this inefficient way
  • The greater risk of damaged and returned products
  • Storage and transportation of bulkier items
  • Higher delivery charges
  • Damaged reputation of a brand that is seen as wasteful

Bespoke Packaging

The alternative option is to speak with a local cardboard box manufacturer who can design a solution that optimises the protection of specific products. Product-focus packaging design can reduce the size and weight of each package, which can make it cost effective when storage, delivery and transportation costs are considered.

At times just a subtle change to a standard box could make it bespoke to a product. This needn’t cost a lot and it instantly increases the aesthetic, economic and environmental appeal of the goods. Cardboard packaging can also be enhanced by printing brand images and when you have a box that fits, who wouldn’t feel proud to print their brand on it?

If you are preparing for a pre-Christmas rush on orders, there is no time like the present to invest in bespoke packaging and ensure everyone receives the perfectly packed present.


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