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Can bespoke boxes address the ‘pain’ points that your customers might experience?
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Take the pain out of Deliveries with Bespoke Boxes


Take the pain out of Deliveries with Bespoke Boxes

Are your customers being driven mad every time they receive a delivery from you?

Ensuring a positive customer experience extends to every interaction with your company. You may have created the most desirable products and invested in a helpful customer service team, but what about your deliveries? Can bespoke boxes address the ‘pain’ points that your customers might experience?

We consider some common complaints and how they might be addressed with bespoke boxes.

Do your customers find it difficult to open a standard box?

Many buyers find themselves attacking a box with scissors and knives in order to gain. This isn’t particularly safe and it risks damaging the goods inside.

By sealing your packaging with tear strips, in place of tape, you can make it easier and less time consuming for both your packing team and your customers.

Are your customers frustrated by packaging waste?

Bulky boxes are a challenge to transport from a collection point. When you open them up and discover a small product surrounded by air pockets, polystyrene or other fillers, it’s even more frustrating.

Bespoke boxes can be designed to provide the ideal fit and level of protection for your products. With cardboard inserts to hold items in place, the need for packaging fillers is removed. This means that your customers aren’t left with the responsibility of disposing of all the extra layers.

In addition, you save on the cost of filling materials and reduce your environmental impact. With a unique design and exciting print, you might also encourage your customers to keep and reuse your packaging.

Are your customers put off by your delivery charges?

Remember the joy when you find exactly what you’ve been looking for online? It can be so easily crushed when you proceed to check out and see the price almost double due to delivery charges.

One of the many advantages of corrugated cardboard boxes is that they are a lightweight, yet robust, packaging material. Combine this with a bespoke box that has been created to provide the ideal fit for your goods and you have the solution. There is no excess packaging weight or bulk and this keeps delivery charges down.

Do you get a high Returns rate?

Customers want to receive goods in pristine condition. If the items have been damaged in transit, it is disappointing for the recipient and is likely to lead to a high rate of returns.

Bespoke boxes are designed with the protection of your goods in mind. They are fit for purpose. Even if the unit price for bespoke packaging is higher than a standard box, they can save you the considerably higher cost of processing Returns and replacing damaged goods. They might also save your brand reputation.

Aylesbury Box Company is a cardboard packaging specialist. We use cardboard engineering, packaging design software and manufacturing expertise to create bespoke boxes of all shapes and sizes. From practical solutions to innovative ideas, we can help you deliver exactly what your customers desire. To discuss solutions to your customer’s pain points, get in touch on 01296 436888

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