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When Fresh Air Fitness approached Aylesbury Box Company for a bespoke box design, their brief included cardboard inserts that would hold weighty items securely in place.
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Bespoke Box Design for Gym Company

Bespoke Box Design for Gym Company

Not everyone is cut out for the gym, but with increasingly sedentary lifestyles, it’s more important than ever to encourage everyone to get active. If you want to boost participation, it is essential that the activities are accessible. This means they should ideally be free and open to all ages and abilities. They also have to be fun.

Fresh Air Fitness has the solution. As a leading designer, manufacturer and installer of outdoor gyms, they have helped to boost health and wellbeing in many communities. Once installed in parks, schools, office complexes, prisons, hospitals and housing estates, Fresh Air Fitness equipment is available for all to use at their convenience. Anyone can have a bit of fun, or a full workout.

Benefits of Exercising Outdoors

Encouraging people to exercise outdoors has multiple benefits. The combination of fresh air and exercise is shown to increase physical and mental health, reduce stress and anxiety, whilst also encouraging social interaction. Fresh Air Fitness has now installed over 1500 outdoor gyms across the UK. Have you been tempted to have a go?

Robust Packaging Boxes with Cardboard Inserts

When Fresh Air Fitness approached Aylesbury Box Company for a bespoke box design, they wanted a clearly branded solution.  Their brief included the need for cardboard inserts to hold weighty items securely in place. The dye cut cardboard inserts would also ensure that the items were well presented when the box was opened.

Quality Packaging for Quality Products

Convincing local councils, prison services, schools and the NHS to invest isn’t easy. It is essential that they can clearly see that these are quality products, which are sufficiently robust to offer long term value for money. A professional approach to every detail, including the packaging design, reinforces this message. Fresh Air Fitness maintenance packs are now safely transported in these small boxes.

If you need quality packaging for your products, get in touch. Aylesbury Box Company will design and manufacture boxes to your requirements.

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