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In addition to new shades of nail polish and the latest beard styling product, sustainable packaging is on the agenda for 2018.
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The Beauty of Sustainable Packaging

sustainable packaging for male grooming

The Beauty of Sustainable Packaging

We love a personalised experience that makes us feel good. One place we can get exactly what we’re looking for is the hair and beauty industry. It has been enjoying a significant boom since 2016 and consistently invests in new ways to attract customers. In addition to new shades of nail polish and the latest beard styling product, sustainable packaging is on the agenda for 2018.

The beauty industry isn’t recognised for its environmental credentials, but it is taking action. The removal of microbeads is one step in the right direction, but how else can the industry respond to the growing shift towards waste reduction?

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

A considerable proportion of beauty products are sold in plastic packaging, but many companies are addressing this. From skin creams to hair treatments, growing number of products are being sold in glass pots. Other companies are looking to reduce the plastic in their packaging, or switching to plant based plastics which are compostable.

Promote Recycling

Another option is to encourage packaging recycling. Several companies have taken this approach, for example Kiehl’s will exchange 10 of their empty bottles for a travel sized product. A similar incentive is offered by Mac cosmetics; the brand will exchange 6 used products for a lipstick.

Bespoke Subscription Boxes

Beauty subscription boxes have grown in popularity over the past 12 months. By investing in bespoke cardboard boxes, the deliveries are made in printed, fit for purpose packaging, with reduced need for plastic fillers and other unnecessary layers. The cardboard boxes can be reused and recycled.

Making an Impact

There are now in excess of 40,000 hair, barber and beauty businesses in the UK, with just under 300,000 people working in the industry. If customers can continue to incite change, then the impact of investing in sustainable packaging could really make a difference to the environment, as well as their looks.

Aylesbury Box Company is delighted to have worked with many hair and beauty brands. We offer sustainable ecommerce packaging for online retailers. Get in touch to discuss how we might help to realise your brand ideas.

Beauty Trends for 2018

In addition to sustainable packaging, other trends are filling the shelves, delivery boxes and magazines.

Male Grooming

Barber’s shops have seen a considerable surge in business and this doesn’t look set to change in 2018. They have branched out to offer a range of male grooming services, which are becoming increasingly popular. Male grooming products are also expected to continue gaining market share.

Active Beauty

Selfies and social media mean that you have to look your best at all times, even when working out at the gym. Active beauty is a growing trend consisting of skin care products and make up that stays in place when you are working up a sweat.

Body Masks

Face masks to rehydrate the skin have been available for decades, but this year expect to see body masks that have been developed for specific areas, for example hand masks.

We wait to see what other hair and beauty statements hit the headlines during the year.

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