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Whether your company manufactures climbing frames and slides, gym equipment and basketball hoops or professional sports equipment, Aylesbury Box company can assist with your packaging needs.
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A Sporting Chance


A Sporting Chance

Whilst in lockdown, we are encouraged to exercise every day. Keeping fit and active helps the body to maintain physical and mental health. It has been great to see lots of people out on bike rides, walks and runs on these bright, dry days.

With gyms and leisure centres shut, there has also been a surge in orders for home exercise equipment. Sales of football goals, trampolines, table tennis tables and treadmills have all escalated. People are keen to fill their time, keep the children active and address those resolutions.

How do Sports Professionals Train at Home?

Even professional athletes are having to train from home. Usually surrounded by the latest equipment and coaches, they have had to improvise. In this article in the Guardian, it shows that sofas, beer crates and internal doors are all being repurposed for training.

Whilst we all have to adapt to the situation, there is no substitute for professional sports equipment. Those designed for elite athletes can make all the difference to performance. A great example comes from one of our customers; Crown Hockey.

Crown Hockey Sticks

The shape, design and materials used in hockey sticks had remained unchanged for years. That was until the team at Crown Hockey decided to invest in research and development. Starting with a clean sheet, they consider what would be needed to produce the best hockey sticks.

A great hockey stick has to be strong, yet lightweight, it should enable good handling and ball control. Crown Hockey looked to state of the art materials that were being used in the aerospace and automotive industries. Combines with other innovative technology, they redesigned every aspect of the hockey stick.

Having been tested and refined by many players, the resulting hockey stick was launched in the 2014 Hockey World Cup. Made from three different types of carbon fibre and filled with aerospace foam, this specialist sports equipment was strong, lightweight and able to dampen vibrations. It offered impressive handling and was soon in demand by professional players across the globe.

Bespoke Packaging for Hockey Sticks

As part of the development process, Crown Hockey also considered how these high-quality sticks could be safely delivered to customers. They needed a bespoke packaging solution that was the perfect shape for the stick. They were also keen to invest in environmentally- friendly packaging. They approached several box companies to request packaging design samples and quotes.

Aylesbury Box Company was one of those packaging manufacturers. We worked with Crown Hockey on several adjustments to achieve a good fit and a workable means of sealing. The bespoke boxes had to be suitably hardy for shipping this quality product around the world.

As time has gone on, Crown Hockey have continued their research and development. Two new designs have been launched. They also offer custom-made hockey sticks, which are designed to an individual’s specifications. These include the balance point, mid or low bow and custom finish.

The packaging has also evolved. The latest design is a white, shaped box with single black print. It offers a simple, yet professional look to all of their deliveries.

Packaging for Sports Equipment

Whether your company manufactures climbing frames and slides, gym equipment and basketball hoops or professional sports equipment, Aylesbury Box company can assist with your packaging needs. In addition to supplying standard cardboard boxes, our in-house packaging design, manufacture and print teams can produce bespoke boxes to meet your exacting requirements.

To find out more and to request a quote, contact Aylesbury Box Company on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk.

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