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Our talented team want to deliver customer service excellence, so you know where to come for packaging supplies. Each employee contributes to our business reputation.
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A Great Packaging Team

team at aylesbury box company

A Great Packaging Team

What does it take to deliver the best packaging supplies? A great packaging team!

At Aylesbury Box Company, every member of our team has a vital role to play. Whether manufacturing cardboard packaging, managing client accounts, helping to promote the business, keeping our finances in order or planning our future strategy, we need everyone to make the company a success.

Our recruitment process has focused on finding the right individuals and positioning them in roles which best utilise their skills and expertise. The fact that we have many long-standing employees in our team is an asset.

Whilst fresh talent can open our eyes to new ideas, our established team members have developed a strong knowledge base. They understand our company values, products and services inside out.

Packaging Account Managers

Account Manager, Helen Blackman, is a great example. She has just celebrated 15 years at Aylesbury Box Company.

Helen is very popular with our clients because she takes the time to understand their requirements. With years of experience, she knows what is possible and offers valuable advice. This can help customers to realise their packaging design in cost-effective ways.

Helen knows the local area, keeps in regular contact with clients and has a positive attitude. She often goes the extra mile to help companies receive a quick turnaround on boxes or restock packaging supplies.

Her knowledge, commitment and personable approach regularly generate feedback such as this:

“Just had a bespoke box manufactured and received our first delivery. Helen and the team were fantastic every step of the way. I was kept informed and given full support.”

– Matt Dorking, Vapebase

Our other Account Managers, Adam and John have also been on the Aylesbury Box Company team for many years. Each covers a different geographical location across Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and beyond!

Whilst Helen Blackman’s commitment is impressive, there is another employee, Helen Carter who must be honoured. She has been with the company for 33 years! We must be doing something right to retain great team members for this long.

A Positive Team

When a team has worked together for many years, they know each other well. They instinctively turn to the most appropriate person for support with specific queries. They trust each other when they need to delegate and operate as an effective team. They help each other to achieve and in doing so, support business success.

This makes for a positive work environment and higher employee satisfaction.

Our talented team want to deliver customer service excellence, so you know where to come for packaging supplies. Each employee contributes to our business reputation. We know this is one of the reasons that we receive lots of recommendations.

As Aylesbury Box Company continues to develop, adapt and grow, we know that our dedicated team are the pillars on which we have achieved business success. Thank you to each and everyone one of you!

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