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The New Year is a time to review and improve. When it comes to packaging design, this is a time to consider your current packaging solutions and whether they a fit for purpose.
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Keeping a Close Eye on Packaging Trends

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Keeping a Close Eye on Packaging Trends

As a cardboard packaging manufacturer, Aylesbury Box Company aims to keep up to speed with the latest developments in packaging design. At the start of the year, there is no better time to share a few key points, which could shape your product packaging and delivery boxes over the coming year.

Getting Back to Basics with Packaging

The New Year is a time to review and improve. When it comes to packaging design, this is a time to consider your current packaging solutions and whether they a fit for purpose.

  • What is necessary in order to protect your goods?
  • Does your current design actively promote your brand?
  • How easy is it for customers to open your packaging?
  • Does your packaging provide customers with the information they are looking for?

Packaging for Protection

With a greater focus on sustainability, customers are steering away from brands that continue to sell or deliver goods in layers of wasteful packaging. They want goods in pristine condition, but without the responsibility of waste management. Product-specific packaging can be designed to provide exactly what’s needed to protect goods and nothing more.

Opting for product-specific packaging can also make your deliveries smaller and lighter. This will reduce delivery charges and result in considerable cost savings.

Branded Packaging

Clean design is now favoured over excess; the ‘less is more’ approach; however, simplifying packaging doesn’t mean eliminating character. It does means that the features on your packaging have to be well considered and stylish.

As an example, there’s been a growing resurgence in the use of typography as a means of establishing brand identity. With a fantastic range of finishes, it is possible to further enhance lettering with embossing, foil blocking or high gloss print. Be warned not to get too carried away; over-stylised typography can be difficult to read and the priority is to deliver a clear message.

Frustration-Free Packaging

Wrap rage is a term coined to describe the frustrations of trying to get into packaging. Whether it is due to an excessive amount of parcel tape, fiddly pull tabs, or over-zealous sealing, no customer wants to resort to sharp implements in order to get to the goods inside. The inclusion of tear strips can be all it takes to spare your customers from wrap rage.

What’s more, a double strip will ensure that your packaging can be resealed. This encourages reuse, for returns or the customer’s next delivery; another tick on the environmental credentials.

Printed Packaging

We’ve touched on printed packaging from a branding point of view, but it also offers a valuable means of communication. What information are your customers seeking and can this be printed onto the packaging. As an example, include assembly or care instructions on the packaging as part of your customer service.

When it comes to low-cost print solutions, you can’t beat flexographic print. Following an initial set-up, a printed design or message can be applied as part of the box manufacturing process. Aylesbury Box Company has helped many e-commerce brands to create simple, affordable printed packaging, which stands out from the competition.

Contact the friendly team at Aylesbury Box Company on 01296 436888 to discuss product-specific packaging, print finishes and frustration-free solutions.

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