Aylesbury BOX Company | Is your Packaging Design Fit for 2018?
The need for in-store shopping experiences to compete with online shopping, has resulted in the development of new packaging design.
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Is your Packaging Design Fit for 2018?

Is your Packaging Design Fit for 2018?

We often associate innovation with products, but is 2018 the time to innovate your packaging design? The need for in-store shopping experiences to compete with online shopping, has resulted in the development of new ideas.

Through 2017, we’ve seen a noticeable rise in the development of creative product packaging. Whilst protection and presentation will always be essential, there is a greater understanding of the power of packaging design to influence consumer choices.

Mood Enhancing Packaging Design

We all know that our thoughts and behaviour alter depending on the mood we’re in. A number of marketing companies are now exploring ways that packaging could influence our mood. By enhancing our emotional response to products and brands, it’s possible to boost sales and loyalty.

Luxury goods might employ storytelling that encourages shoppers to stop, read and connect with the product. This moment of escapism can put them in a more considered mood. Rather than a fast, impulsive purchase based on shelf position or price, they make an informed decision.

Smart technology is enabling packaging design to become interactive and fun. Tiny microchips can transform standard graphics into a gaming experience. Adding a fun element to the packaging lifts the shopper’s mood. A feel good factor certainly increases the chance of a purchase being made.

Sustainable On-The-Go Packaging

For many shoppers, convenience is a priority. Single portions, travel sized bottles and individually wrapped items are all appealing when you haven’t time to prepare. The challenge is that many of the convenient packaging solutions don’t have favourable environmental credentials.

In response, retailers are exploring sustainable packaging materials and environmentally friendly design. They understand that shoppers are happy to invest in green solutions, if they are as easy and convenient as the products they seek. Those brands that invest in sustainable packaging solutions are likely to be viewed favourably by consumers.

Diverse Packaging

A creative approach can lead to a single product being marketed in different way in order to attract a diverse range of consumers. As packaging designers, it is important to really explore what different target groups are looking for and how this can be communicated through packaging.

The shelves are now stocked for Christmas and we can see many examples of everyday products being repackaged for the gift market. Living in a culturally rich, multi-generational society, there are opportunities for this same approach to be explored throughout the year. How could you use packaging to appeal to a different group of shoppers?


If you have ideas for mood enhancing, sustainable or diverse packaging solutions, get in touch with Aylesbury Box Company. Our packaging expertise could help your vision to become a reality.

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