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Iceland is just one example were a switch to sustainable packaging and positive action can benefit the environment, as well as brand reputation and sales. For alternatives to plastic packaging, call Aylesbury Box Company 01296 436888.
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Take Action to Increase Sustainability


Take Action to Increase Sustainability

David Attenborough has inspired millions to take an interest in the natural world. In recent years, his documentaries have not only shown stunning shots of wildlife and habitats from around the world, but also raised awareness of environmental challenges.

The Blue Planet II series played a fundamental part in highlighting the issues relating to plastic pollution. The images of plastics filling our seas were broadcast far and wide. They prompted manufacturers, retailers, politicians and consumers to take action.

Reducing the amount of plastic waste has become a growing priority for many. As a cardboard box manufacturer, we’ve seen a rise in enquiries from companies looking for a viable alternative to plastic packaging. Across all industries, there’s a drive to take action to increase sustainability.

Ethical Stance on Sustainable Packaging

Just a few decades ago, the companies such as The Body Shop were noted for taking a stance on ethical issues. They were in the minority and it wasn’t generally viewed as the way to achieve business success. Consumer attitudes have changed and those companies which are taking action to increase sustainability are reaping the rewards.

Iceland, the frozen food supermarket is one example. The brand has often been seen as the poor relation to the big league competitors, but it has seen growing success and consumer appeal in recent years. This shift isn’t due to a significant upgrade in the product range or expensive store revamps, but in their commitment to make a difference.

At the start of 2018, the company made a pledge to eliminate plastic packaging from all their own brand range by 2023, with some packing changes being made immediately.

Christmas Advertising

The eagerly anticipated Christmas adverts resulted in the next shift in perception of the Iceland brand. Taking an existing Greenpeace animation, the company aimed to highlight the plight of Borneo’s rainforests, due to the wide-scale use of non-sustainable palm oil. Read by Emma Thompson, Rang-tan delivers a powerful message.

The advert was banned because Greenpeace was unable to prove that the content didn’t contain a political angle. This might have been a PR disaster, but for the power of social media. The animation has now been viewed over 65million times, without ever being shown on TV.

What’s interesting is that the perception of the Iceland brand has seen a dramatic improvement. The YouGov Brand Index saw the ‘consideration of Iceland among consumers in the supermarket sector’ rise above previous leader, Waitrose. Sales of Iceland’s Palm Oil-free ‘Butter Mince Pies’ has also shot up.

Consumers Ready for Sustainable Change

Back to David Attenborough; in his address to the COP24UN Conference of global leaders, he identified that people are ready to take action. He stated that “The world’s people have spoken. Their message is clear. Time is running out. They want you, the decision-makers, to act now.”

Iceland is just one example were a switch to sustainable packaging and positive action can benefit the environment, as well as brand reputation and sales. If your company are keen to consider alternatives to plastic packaging, give Aylesbury Box Company a call 01296 436888. Our aim is to help you find a sustainable packaging solution.

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