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For the majority of teenagers, shopping is a social, fun and interactive experience. To be attractive, your retail packaging has to deliver what they are looking for.
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Focus on Teens to Revive the High Street


Focus on Teens to Revive the High Street

For the majority of teenagers, shopping is a social, fun and interactive experience. For this reason, they are more likely to head to the High Street and shopping centres than buy online. This presents a great opportunity for businesses with goods on the shelf, but to be attractive, your retail packaging has to deliver what they are looking for.

Eye-Catching Retail Packaging 

With the knowledge that teens are bucking the online shopping trend and heading to the shops, retailers can adapt their offering to grab their attention. In-store displays, digital signage and staff interactions can all work to draw them in.

If teenagers are a target audience for your products, you need to consider how your product packaging fairs against the competition. For a start, an emphasis has to be placed on eye-catching packaging design that draws their attention. What are the forthcoming seasonal colour trends? What influence are celebrities and the media having on style trends?

By nature, teenagers are more adventurous, they are keen to discover new brands and products that match their style. To retain appeal, you may need to regularly reinvigorate your retail packaging with fresh designs. Design decisions need to be acted on immediately in order for the ideas to remain relevant, exciting and highly desirable.

The good news is that with modern print and production methods, it can be commercially viable to opt for short runs of high quality, printed packaging. By working in collaboration with an experienced box manufacturer, you can adapt, update and retain interest.

Packaging Designed to Provide an Experience

If teenagers want a social and interactive shopping experience, it is important to consider how your brand and packaging can contribute to this. Could smart technology enable them to activate in-store discounts for multi-buys? Are there opportunities to personalise packaging or products? What about a link to a dynamic product demonstration YouTube video?

Interactive experiences consider all of the senses. Could a variety of print finishes result in tactile packaging that they simply can’t resist? Would incorporating aromas or sound in pop-up displays add that extra dimension? Are there ways to ‘try before you buy’?


Teen purchases tend to be impulse buys. If they spot items that they identify with and which match their image, they may buy without hesitation. Free from major financial responsibilities, they are open to spending when the mood takes them.

With their first pay packets, they are ready to assert their independence. Let’s make it perfectly clear; they are unlikely to identify with and products and packaging that they associate with their parents.

In place of parental guidance, peer and social influence will guide their purchases. Get endorsement from young online reviewers and the popularity of your products could skyrocket. Be warned though, the peaks are likely to be short-lived. To maintain interest, you always need to be looking at future developments.

Use your packaging design to promote and incentivise social media engagement. If your packaging encourages teens to share images, hashtags and your @handle, they become a powerful marketing tool.

Bespoke Packaging

Enticing the teen market requires an innovative approach. From packaging design to print finishes, an experienced box manufacturer like Aylesbury Box Company can translate your ideas into viable packaging solutions. With a timely response and quick turnaround, your concepts can soon be on the shelves.

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