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As a cardboard box manufacturer, Aylesbury Box Company has supported many businesses with the design and production of affordable, printed ecommerce packaging.
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Growth of Ecommerce


Growth of Ecommerce

It may seem as though everyone is shopping online, but data from the Office of National Statistics reveals that in 2017 ecommerce accounted for 16.9% of purchases.

This figure may be surprising, but ecommerce is still a relatively new concept. The rate of growth has certainly been higher for ecommerce sales than instore purchases and forecasts suggest the percentage will be around 18% by the end of 2018.

UK shoppers have embraced the convenience and choice offered when shopping on a mobile, tablet or computer. As a nation, we now represent the third largest ecommerce market in the world.

The development of a fully operational ecommerce website isn’t cheap, but in negating the need for a physical store, the option of setting up of a retail company has never been so viable. From subscription services to fully stocked stores, a growing number of businesses only sell online.

Ecommerce Packaging

Corresponding with the growth of ecommerce businesses, the demand for corrugated cardboard boxes has also been on the rise.

According to Smithers Pira research the UK produced 145 million tonnes of corrugated cardboard in 2017, a figure that has been predicted to rise to 181 million tonnes by 2023. This translates as 14.3% growth, in comparison to a 2.9% growth forecast for packaging as a whole.

Corrugated cardboard boxes insulate and protect goods during transit, making them ideal for ecommerce deliveries. They are affordable and lightweight, ensuring that packaging and delivery costs are kept low. Cardboard boxes are straight forward to print with company branding or handling instructions and of growing importance, they are a sustainable packaging solution.

Sustainable Paper Industry

Paper used in the production of corrugated cardboard is sourced from managed European forests, where more trees are planted than chopped down. The new fibres are combined with recycled cardboard fibres to form single or double wall corrugated cardboard. When no longer suitable for reuse, the majority of cardboard boxes can be flattened and recycled.

The UK paper industry is committed to continuous improvement. Over the last decade, the industry has successfully cut the percentage of carbon emissions by a third. It has looked at ways to light and heat its factories to enhance energy efficiency and continues to explore options that support decarbonisation.

Whilst 84% of corrugated cardboard is already recycled in the UK, the Paper Industry is looking at ways to increase recycling rates. By providing better information to households and businesses, it is hoped that suitable, segregated disposal will reduce waste levels. The industry is also actively seeking out innovative uses for paper based products that aren’t currently suitable for recycling.

Aylesbury Box Company

As a cardboard box manufacturer, Aylesbury Box Company has supported many businesses with the design and production of affordable, printed ecommerce packaging. From beauty products to bunny food, wine to wheels, we’ve helped to create product specific packaging.

Our aim is to minimise the risk of damage to both goods and the environment, whilst maximising the first impression you make on your customers. If you would like to discuss ecommerce packaging for your online store, please get in touch on: 01296 436888.

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