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Architects and suppliers need the facility to provide a range of samples to client; however a selection of bricks or tiles isn’t your standard delivery.
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Packaging for Bricks and Bobs


Packaging for Bricks and Bobs

At present, around 11,000 self-build homes are constructed in the UK every year. With the Government keen to encourage house building and greater availability of information, it is anticipated that the number will grow. There was certainly a high turnout at the recent My Homebuilding Show at the NEC, with many more events planned throughout the year.

Buying a plot of land, designing and building a home is certainly a challenge. It is however, the only way to ensure that you can live in your dream home and ideal location. In finding your plot of land, designing the size and layout of rooms, selecting building materials and specifying the priorities and style, you can achieve amazing results.

Building Material Samples Delivered to your Door

Planning is at the heart of a successful self-build. Schedules, compliance, safety and finances are fundamental requirements, but the exciting bit is achieving the right look. Building materials and techniques can make or break a project, so you need to see images, visit properties and receive samples in order to make the right decisions.

A wide variety of tiles, bricks, metals and timber are available to house builders. Sometimes you simply need to see samples on site, in order to make an informed decision.

  • Does your choice of brick blend in with the surroundings, or sit in sharp contrast?
  • Do roof tiles add character to the property, or distract from other key features?
  • How will weathering impact on timber or stone?
  • How do the various building materials work together?

Brick Boxes

Architects and suppliers need the facility to provide a range of samples to client; however a selection of bricks or tiles isn’t your standard delivery.

Aylesbury Box Company was approached by a brick company for precisely this reason. They wanted strong, protective cardboard boxes in which a small selection of bricks could be sent to clients. In addition to providing robust packaging, the brick box also needed to be easy to handle.

We created a thick, double wall corrugated cardboard box, with built in handle to the specific dimensions of the bricks. The plain box could be printed with the company logo and other branding, as part of the manufacturing process.

The company were pleased with the design and went on to request a brick and tile display box. They required an easy to handle box, which could be opened up to showcase a range of bricks and tiles at exhibitions, or during meetings with architects and clients. As a display item, the box needed to be durable, as it would be used multiple times.

Bespoke Packaging

In addition to brick and tile boxes, Aylesbury Box Company have designed and manufactured solutions for a variety of non-conventional products. For example, we provide bespoke packaging for the delivery of motorbike wheels, car parts, bottles of all shapes and sizes, ceramics and electronics.

By opting for bespoke packaging, the supplier is reassured that the box provides the optimum protection for their goods. They know that good customer service is dependent on products arriving in top condition. Happy customers and a low volume of returns mean that bespoke packaging delivers a return on investment.

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