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The Packaging Innovations exhibition focused on the challenges and solutions facing the packaging industry, including viable alternatives to plastic packaging.
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Alternatives to Plastic Packaging


Alternatives to Plastic Packaging

Next week, representatives from the packaging industry will be heading to the NEC in Birmingham for the Packaging Innovations exhibition. Consistently focused on the challenges and solutions facing the packaging industry, a core theme of this event is sustainability. In particular, the event will debate the future of plastic and explore viable alternatives to plastic packaging.

Packaging Innovations includes a plastic debate, where senior managers from Co-op, ASDA, Coca Cola, Iceland and M&S will be discussing the challenges of sourcing sustainable packaging and sharing their visions. It’s hoped that other leading brands and smaller retailers will be inspired by the debate.

Packaging and the Circular Economy

Aylesbury Box Company actively supports the principles of the circular economy and we provide an extensive range of cardboard packaging solutions. Our corrugated boxes, cartons and cardboard tubes can be formed from 100% recycled materials and are recyclable at the end of use. From industrial cartons to retail packaging, we design and manufacture high quality, sustainable options.

Returning to traditional materials including glass bottles, paper bags and cardboard packaging provides one step in reducing plastic pollution, however we are fully aware that our cardboard packaging isn’t suitable for all products. If plastic waste is to be significantly reduced, manufacturers and retailers need other alternatives to plastic packaging.

Pitching to Reduce Plastic

One area of the Packaging Innovations show that we’re certain will attract interest is a Dragon’s Den style pitch from designers of products aiming to win recognition as the ‘Most Sustainable Solution’.

The shortlisted finalists are:

  • Colourform– a stylish alternative to hard plastic packaging formed from renewable wood fibres
  • VTT – A fully reusable and compostable biobased material that could replace thin plastic food packaging
  • BioORMOCER® – a fully compostable solution that enables the recycling of multi-layer packaging
  • Earthcoating – a recyclable coating that can be applied to paper cups, cardboard takeaway boxes
  • CupClub – a reusable packaging concept, where a tracker device is placed in the cup and an in-built loyalty scheme encourages multiple reuses.
  • EasyPeel Polymer – this material makes it simple to separate materials so that some or all of the packaging can be recycled.

We look forward to hearing the judge’s decision, but all of these products could provide viable alternatives to plastic packaging. We hope that they will soon make it to market – the more options that are available, the more likely that every manufacturer and retailer will find a viable solution for their products.

If you are interested in visiting Packaging Innovations, the event runs on Wednesday 28 February and Thursday 1 March at the NEC in Birmingham.

If recyclable cardboard boxes, inserts, cartons and related packaging materials could help your business to reduce plastic waste, get in touch with Aylesbury Box Company. As manufacturers of cardboard packaging, we can design, produce, print and deliver the ideal solution for your goods.

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