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Efficiency through the packaging process is essential for delivering to customer expectations and making a profit.
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Productive Packers


Productive Packers

The vast majority of goods are packaged. In addition to the primary packaging, many are boxed up in secondary packaging for safe transportation and storage. Efficiency through the packaging process is essential for delivering to customer expectations and making a profit.

In an environment where every minute counts, many companies are investing in automated systems to speed things up. If automation isn’t the right solution for you at this point in time, there are many other ways to boost packer productivity.

The Packing Environment

Whether you have a large warehouse or a small room to pick and pack orders, it is important that you have a well organised and functional workspace. The packing area needs to be free of unnecessary clutter, the workstation needs to be ergonomically designed and there should be clearly defined spaces for storing both packaged and unpackaged goods. In short, effective processes support productivity.

Packing is a repetitive task, so the packers must have the required tools close at hand. They should receive clear training on the packing process and safe use of tools. Regular breaks and stretching can help lower the risk of back ache or repetitive strain injury that will impair productivity.

Packaging Design

Packaging design can also play a role in packing efficiency. If packers are taping standard boxes, adding orders and then using fillers to stuff the boxes, the process is time consuming. Two ways in which the process can be simplified are:

Adhesive Tear Strips

Pulling the protective layer from an adhesive tear strips is an easier option than securing a corrugated cardboard box with a tape dispenser. It also makes the package straight forward to open when it reaches its destination.

Cardboard Inserts

Corrugated cardboard boxes with cardboard inserts make it easier to place all items in the right position, whilst removing the need for fillers. Separate inserts are simple to slot into place, or they can be designed as an integral element of the box.

Monitoring Packing Processes

By regularly monitoring the packing environment, you can ensure that processes are being followed and every member of the team is working productively. If issues occur, monitoring will help to identify the cause. Measures can then be put in place to overcome the problem.

Aylesbury Box Company  

As a specialist cardboard box manufacturer, Aylesbury Box Company designs and produces primary and secondary packaging for industrial, retail and ecommerce customers. Can we help you to boost efficiency and productivity in your warehouse processes?

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