Aylesbury BOX Company | How to Avoid Using your Returns Policy
Cheap packaging may seem like the ideal way to keep costs down, but is this false economy?
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How to Avoid Using your Returns Policy

How to Avoid Using your Returns Policy

As an ecommerce business, you have to give customers the option to change their mind. You also have to replace goods that are damaged or faulty. In order to minimise the costs associated with returns, it is important to match your customer’s expectations.

Cheap Packaging

Cheap packaging may seem like the ideal way to keep costs down, but is this false economy?

On route to your customer, your goods have to be protected from being dropped, compressed from all sides and the vibration of conveyor belts. They may be exposed to changes in temperature, humidity and rain. If your packaging isn’t up to the job, the chances of your customer receiving damaged goods are greatly increased.

Ideally, you should assess your products in terms of weight, dimensions, fragility and the impact of external factors. This should determine the appropriate packaging for impact resistance during transport and distribution. A box manufacturer can assist with this.

Bulky, fragile or heavy items should be packaged in double or triple walled corrugated cardboard. Multiple compartments can be created in a box with cardboard inserts to isolate parts that could cause damage or contamination. Handles cut into corrugated cardboard boxes make it easier for the courier to handle the packages correctly.

Packaging appropriate to the product may seem an unnecessary expense. Take time to compare the costs with those of processing returns, sending out replacements and repairing, or disposing of, damaged goods. Also consider that repeat orders are less likely from a disappointed customer. Cheap packaging may not be such a cost effective idea after all.

Marketing to your Target Audience

Your goods may arrive in pristine condition, but if they fail to meet expectations, they will be returned. It’s important to know your target audience, understand what they want and tailor your products meet those requirements.

Be honest in your product descriptions and genuine in your marketing. Make sure that you really can deliver on any promises that you make. This approach will help you to manage expectations and ensure that your customer get what they were looking for.

Dealing with Returns

Some returns are inevitable. Being polite, professional and efficient with your handling of unsatisfied customers can make all the difference. It’s the best way to keep your company’s reputation intact.

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