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A plastic bag or even an ill-fitting box might be a cheap packaging solution, but it isn’t likely to be cost effective in the long run.
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Cutting Corners with Cheap Packaging

Cutting Corners with Cheap Packaging

When times are tough, it is common for a company to review its strategy, productivity and processes. Are there any ways in which outgoings can be reduced, income can be increased or ideally both?

The challenge is that boosting sales, increasing efficiency and getting the most from your team often require investment. In addition to financial costs, it requires a longer term vision, creativity and often a new approach. If your focus is on balancing the books, these may all be a little short in supply.

The result for some companies is that they opt for cheap alternatives. They make cut backs without considering the implications. They risk compromising the quality of their products and services, along with their customer relationships and brand image.

The problem was highlighted in a recent blog by Seth Godin ‘In Pursuit of Cheap’:

I ordered some straw hats for a small party. The shipper sent them in a plastic bag, with no box, because it was cheaper. Of course, they were crushed and worthless.

I wrote a note to the company’s customer service address, but they merely sent an autoreply, because it was cheaper. And they don’t answer the phone… you guessed it, because it’s cheaper.

If you start to make every business decision based on what’s cheapest, your business will soon lose its credibility. The values and pride with which you set up your company are gone and you start not to care about the products your sell or your customer experience. This is seldom a positive and sustainable business practice.

Cardboard Packaging Solutions

We want your customers to be delighted when a package is delivered. We produce high quality boxes, to your specifications, to ensure that your goods arrive in premium condition. In short Aylesbury Box Company takes pride in what we produce, so you can too.

A plastic bag or even an ill-fitting box might be a cheap packaging solution, but it isn’t likely to be cost effective in the long run. The cost of damaged goods, returns and loss of reputation are far greater. If you are looking for practical and bespoke product packaging, speak to us and we will advise on the best options that are available within your budget.

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