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The Craft of Luxury Packaging

If you are aiming for the luxury market, it’s not just your products that have to shine. Every detail needs to exude quality. Many brands focus on creating the next trend, or exploit a growing trend. The luxury market is different. With an emphasis on lasting,...

Hold On!

When it comes to lifting, a handle really can make all the difference. If you are looking for boxes with handles, what are the options? Hand Holds The lowest cost option is to have hand holds cut out of the side of your cardboard box. This is...

Give Customers What they Wish For

Entertain and Engage with Retail Packaging Packaging has long played a vital role in influencing buyer’s decisions and gaining the competitive edge. As shopping habits change, product packaging has to keep pace with consumer expectations in order to remain relevant and appealing. According to Mintel’s 2017 Global...

checking quality of print

The Finishing Touches

We are often asked about print finish options, so we thought we’d summarise a few points in this article. When you think of a cardboard packaging, does a plain brown corrugated box spring to mind? It doesn’t have to be like that! An extensive range of print...

What’s in your Trolley?

How Retail Packaging Influences Buying Decisions Have you seen the ‘Eat Well for Less’ series on television that encourages families to reduce their food shopping bill? As part of this programme, favourite food items are placed into plain, non-branded packaging. The twist is that certain items are the...

Printed Packaging

Research has shown that as consumers we make around 70% of our purchasing decisions at the point of sale. We may know what we want to purchase, but we can be enticed towards a specific brand by the packaging. Printed packaging provides us with a vast...

Packaging Design for Clothing

At this time of year, many of us are packing for holidays. As we anxiously weigh our case to check if it is still within the weight restriction, or sit on our bag in a bid to do it up, we may ponder the best...

A Lightbulb Moment in Cardboard Packaging

The best ideas are often the simplest ones and the R16 lamp is an excellent example. Created by Waarmakers, a Dutch firm that focuses on ‘translating design ideas, brand strategies and concepts into circular and future proof designs’ the design is sure to have many...

Point of Sale Packaging

Quality packaging is a highly influential factor in attracting the attention of shoppers and convincing them to buy. With visually attractive, structurally sound point of sale packaging, it is possible to communicate with customers in innovative ways. Online competition has prioritised the need for retailers and...