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Is Cardboard Packaging Still Good Value?

Aylesbury Box Company has recently had to put up the price of our cardboard boxes. We’re not alone. Globally, the cost of cardboard box manufacture has soared this year and a price increase is the only way for box companies to remain commercially viable. Why has the...

Explosive Cardboard

Millions of unexploded land mines remain buried across the world. Cheap to produce and with the ability to remain active for 50 years, these weapons are widespread and deadly. According to the United Nations, around 2,000 people are injured or killed by land mines every...

Cardboard Design Winners

Cardboard is a widely available and highly adaptable packaging material. It can be cut, shaped and printed without the need for complex tools or specialist skills. As such, it is ideal for the development of new packaging designs. Every year the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI)...

Can a Change in Packaging Make a Difference?

When environmental initiatives are introduced, it can be difficult to convince people to embrace the change. When you consider the scale of the problem, you might be left wondering ‘What difference is this going to make?’ There was certainly resistance to the idea when a 5p...

Make the Switch: to Cardboard

Polystyrene has widely been used in food packaging, but change is occurring. An increasing interest in sustainable solutions has resulted in a shift towards cardboard alternatives. Unlike polystyrene, cardboard packaging can be made from recycled material and recycled again after use. Even if it reaches landfill,...

Cheers to British Wines

A long bank holiday weekend is certainly a reason to celebrate, but will you opt for Australian, Californian, South African or European wines? An alternative would be to break from tradition and try a wine that has been bottled in the UK. You may believe that...

Promote the Benefits

When it comes to marketing, we are regularly told that we need to promote the benefits of our products and services. Consumers don’t want what we sell; they want the advantages that those items bring. As an example, we might not want to buy healthy meals...


A Formula for Success

The Dermalogica range was designed by Jane Wuwand to focus on improving skin health. Unlike the vast majority of creams, serums and scrubs this range was created only with products that would benefit the natural properties of the face and body. Its creation marked a radical...

More than Just a Box

Is packaging just a box to protect your goods in transit? We don’t believe so. If you’ve developed a product range that you are proud of, these are a few reasons why we recommend investing in good quality packaging. Consumer Appeal As consumers, our decisions are greatly...

Why Cardboard Appeals

Email correspondence, digital marketing and cloud storage are amongst the reasons that paper production has gradually declined since the rise of the internet. The paper product bucking the trend is corrugated cardboard. The rapidly expanding e-commerce industry has driven the growing demand for robust, yet...