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environmental policy

How Can Ecommerce Packaging be Sustainable?

Packaging waste is a problem associated with online retail. Many ecommerce companies have been criticised for sending small items in large boxes, with excessive use of air filled plastic. It’s no longer acceptable. Customers are increasingly mindful of waste issues, with plastic pollution being the...

Packaging for Shelf Appeal

Every time we go shopping we’re presented with a range of options. We typically opt for familiar brands, but can be swayed by such factors as price, promotions and packaging. In the past, the packaging that ‘shouts loudest’ may have won favour. Bold, colourful designs, emblazoned...

Cardboard Creations

With the right cardboard engineering skills and equipment, almost any object can be shaped and formed. It is a strong, durable and versatile material, which can be modelled in so many different ways. A packaging company on the West Coast of America is keen to prove...

Cardboard Packaging Winners!

Aylesbury Box Company would like to congratulate the students at St Benedict’s Catholic High School, who were recent winners of the CPI Paper Works Design Technology Competition for cardboard packaging! This national competition is an annual event, open to 11-14 year olds in the UK. Each...