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Is Cardboard Packaging Still Good Value?

Aylesbury Box Company has recently had to put up the price of our cardboard boxes. We’re not alone. Globally, the cost of cardboard box manufacture has soared this year and a price increase is the only way for box companies to remain commercially viable. Why has the...

Summer Holiday Fun with Cardboard Boxes

On Christmas morning the large cardboard box is often just as (or more) exciting than the expensive toy that was packaged in it. With a child’s imagination, that big box can transform into a pirate ship, a racing car or a fort. With six weeks of...

checking quality of print

The Finishing Touches

We are often asked about print finish options, so we thought we’d summarise a few points in this article. When you think of a cardboard packaging, does a plain brown corrugated box spring to mind? It doesn’t have to be like that! An extensive range of print...

Box Manufacturer Turns Green

The planet we live on is a precious thing. It offers the ideal conditions for life and has done for millions of years. We often take the resources it offers for granted, but 5th June is World Environment Day; it’s time to celebrate our world...

Protecting Electronic Components in Transit

Ever seen pink bubble wrap and wondered why it was that colour? This variation is designed with anti-static properties, specifically for electronic manufacturers. Developments in electronics design are expanding the possibilities of industrial automation, e-health, smart metering, remote monitoring and the Internet of Things. As individuals,...

Promote the Benefits

When it comes to marketing, we are regularly told that we need to promote the benefits of our products and services. Consumers don’t want what we sell; they want the advantages that those items bring. As an example, we might not want to buy healthy meals...

First Impressions Count

We all know the importance of making a good first impression. It’s one of the reasons we wear a suit and shine our shoes before an interview. Sometimes we’re keen to impress before someone has walked through the door. Kerb appeal is the phrase used to...

Environmental Responsibility

Like millions of others, we’ve been captivated by Planet Earth 2 and the challenges faced in a changing world. The series ended with a stark message from Sir David Attenborough; we need to connect with nature in order to realise the importance of the natural...

Hidden Surprises

At this time of year, you might start to select wrapping paper, boxes and packaging in which to present your Christmas gifts. You could simply hand them over as they are, however the packaging adds an extra dimension; the element of surprise. As a child little beats the...

Cardboard Creations

With the right cardboard engineering skills and equipment, almost any object can be shaped and formed. It is a strong, durable and versatile material, which can be modelled in so many different ways. A packaging company on the West Coast of America is keen to prove...